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Pacific Ocean

There was another incident that occurred while on daylight patrol in the Tonkin Gulf in March. The lookouts reported a shiny object floating just below the surface ahead of the ship. The object was a silver ball about 3-4 feet in diameter and it appeared to be heavy. The Captain ordered the ship to stop and all equipment was turned off. Officers hurriedly searched through manuals on Warsaw Pact mines and nothing was found that matched what we were looking at 200 yards away. The Captain called in a helicopter from the carrier we were operating with. It hovered over the object and lowered a sonar boom. The pilot was on the loudspeaker of the bridge so we were hearing his description of the object. Silver, metallic sphere, no seams, marking or rivets, just an independent ball floating just below the surface. At this point the pilot decided to have his door gunner open fire on the object. I was trying to film all of this with my 8mm movie camera. The distance was too much for my camera.

The pilot reported that the bullets were bouncing off. The pilot suddenly excited yells, "Whoa, that damn thing just took off!" Somebody yank that thing down," the pilot exclaimed. Our captain immediately ordered everything turned back on and General Quarters was sounded and we proceeded to our ASW (Antisubmarine warfare) stations. We searched for 72 hours and found nothing. I am curious if anyone else or ship reported an incident like this one. Name & Phone # appeared on the original MUFON document.

This reference (Original): Web page - MUFON: UFO Reports 1/12/1998 Page2


UFOCAT URN NONE Web page - MUFON: UFO Reports 1/12/1998 Page2 (Above)

The Gulf of Tonkin is bounded by Vietnam and China

Gulf of Tonkin Latitude 20-00 N, 108-00 E (D-M)

Reference: China Gazetteer (Mainland), Prepared by the Geographic Names Division, Army Map Service, Washington, D.C., September 1968


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