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Year of 1966; date deleted. An AF active-duty jet pilot with the rank of captain, who is also a NICAP member, came to our offices and reported that a group of Service pilots had seen a large disc-shaped object rotating under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The sighting was at night, while the pilots were on a routine mission, and the UFO was clearly visible because of its brilliant blue-green glow. (Because of the active-duty status of the AF captain and the other pilots, names, the date and identifying details have to be omitted.)

This reference: UFO Investigator, a NICAP publication, Vol. 4, No. 5 p. 5, (March 1968) with Thanks to the Donald E. Keyhoe Archives.

UFOCAT URN 69650 UFO Investigator (NICAP), March 1968. p. 5

UFOCAT URN NONE No Earthly Explanation, by John Wallace Spencer, pp. 94-104, 1974

Atlantic Ocean

Unknown location


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