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Youth Reports UFO Sighting

What a small Palos Verdes Riviera boy thinks was a flying saucer is believed to have been a Navy target missile that crashed into the sea Thursday off San Nicholas Island.
Mrs. Irwin Cohen of 3648 Vigilance Place said her son, Martin, took pictures of a glowing orange and red object as it sank into the sea late in the afternoon.

Officials at Point Mugu Navy Missile Test Range reported a Regulus II target missile crashed into the ocean three miles northeast of the island when it ran low of (sic-on) fuel at about 4 p.m.

A spokesman said the 57-foot winged missile had been used for target practice by Navy jet fighters off the coast.

Mrs. Cohen said she and Martin were in their yard and looking out to sea when they spotted something glowing in the ocean.

"You could see steam rising from the object," she said. "My son grabbed his binoculars and a camera and took two fast pictures."

Mrs. Cohen said her son is all excited and is sure he saw a flying saucer.

"He's probably telling all his friends in school about how he took pictures of an unidentified flying object," she said.

A hasty call was made to the Coast Guard, who telephoned Pt. Mugu and [was] told about the missile splash.

Coast Guard officials said a helicopter on a training flight was diverted to the area, but the pilot radioed there was no wreckage floating.

The Navy said the Regulus II has a 20-foot, razor-thin wingspan and was originally designed to carry a warhead up to 1,000 miles to a target. It is also capable of speeds the speed of sound.

This reference: News Clip, News-Pilot, San Pedro, Calif., dated December 03, 1965


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North America United States, California, Los Angeles

San Pedro - Latitude 33-44-09 N, Longitude 118-17-32 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html

UFO Location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 33.74 N, Longitude 118.28 W (D.%)


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