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       M. Beljonne, at Phu-Lien Observatory, Tonkin, sends us peculiar bolide observations. The first one, especially remarkable, was made at Dong Hoi, Annam, by M. Delingette, Inspector in the Civil Guard, head of the meteorological station. At Dong Hoi, on June 16 at 4:10 A.M., a bolide of an elongated shape, truncated at both ends, flew over the city on a west-east course, casting a great luminosity. The witnesses—Hoang Nic of Dong Hoi, Tran Ninh of Sa-Dong-Danh, Quyen of Dong-Duong-Hoi, and Danh Lui of the same village—who were fishing at sea, reported that the phenomenon lasted from eight to ten minutes between the time the object appeared and the time it fell into the sea at about six kilometers from shore.                                                          

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Original Reference : Lumičres dans la Nuit & L'Astronomie, 22, 1909, p. 28     


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Indochina - Annam is now Vietnam.

Tonkin                          X

Dong Hoi                      Latitude 17-29 N, Longitude 106-36 E (D-M)

Sa-Dong-Danh             X

Dong-Duong-Hoi          X

Note: Many of these may be old names. I have tried several sources but cannot come up with

an exact match.-CF-    

UFO Location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 17.53 N, Longitude 106.58 E (D.%)          


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