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[NOT Water Related]

       The reference to this case being water-related was introduced by Ivan T. Sanderson in his book Invisible Residents, p. 228. For those not familiar with his book, pages 226-229 are “one liners” which have a reference to the original source but no text.

       I have obtained a copy of the source, plus an earlier reference from the same newspaper. The source was given as The Journal of Middletown, Ohio, dated November 13, 1965. I also obtained the same paper in which an article was published earlier on the same sighting, dated November 05, 1965.-CF-         

Woman, 3 Girls See Object Land, Take Off 

       Just what it was, Mrs. Helen Tucker of 516 Young St. doesn't know, but she and three teen-agers saw something at 6:45 last night, and it was like nothing they had ever seen before.

       They were in West Middletown and had turned onto Brown's Run Road "when one of the youths said, ‘What in the world is that big bright light up there in the sky?’”

       "It was very bright and flashing,” said Mrs. Tucker, “larger than a star" too high up to be fastened to anything.

       “We drove into Poast Town trying to get closer, and as we got to the railroad tracks, we saw sparks shooting from the object. We stopped and at first thought some high overhead wires were shorting out, then decided it had better be reported.

       “But as we turned into a lane, one of the girls said it was moving. When I looked, I saw it moving straight ahead and very fast, and it looked like a plane. The lights weren't flashing then, and red and white colors were very clear. One said they saw a bluish color, but I didn't.

       "Occasionally we lost sight of it because it would go behind a tree.

       "It was moving in the direction of Middletown, and since the airfield was close, I thought it would circle and land.

       "We followed it and it came down more rapidly than any plane I've ever seen, and when it landed, not on the airfield, but across Carmody Boulevard in the depression along the river, it looked like a Christmas tree.

       "The wing expanse was huge and appeared to be completely lit up. There were long shooting lights like flames going on and off.

       "Someone said the fuselage appeared to have a bubble on top, although I couldn't see any, but it appeared to be pointed on top the way the lights were.

        "There was no activity at the airfield so we went up and turned around at the Firemen's Club, and as we did so, someone called out that it was taking off. It looked like hot metal as it did.

       "It operated like a helicopter," said Mrs. Tucker, "yet it had speed.

       "We notified the police department, and they had heard of other reports of people seeing the same thing, but no one had seen it land. The others had seen it high in the sky.

       "Now I may need my glasses changed," Mrs. Tucker commented, "but I don't need them changed that badly. We saw it!"                                                                                            

This reference: The Middletown (Ohio) Journal, November 05, 1965. With thanks to Barry Greenwood for copies of this publication.       

AF Investigator Told Story, Checks over Area

By Joy Jones   

       So far the Air Force has not come up with an answer to what Mrs. Helen Tucker, 516 Young St., saw a week ago Thursday night.

       Sgt. David Moody of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base spent over four hours in Middletown yesterday going over the area in Madison Township where the object was seen as a bright, flashing, stationary light which sped off and landed in the Great Miami River area opposite Middletown Airport and then took off in a deep red glow.

       After covering the area with the aid of a compass to note directions and his car speedometer to check distance, Sgt. Moody talked with personnel at the airfield and then spoke with Mrs. Tucker. He could come up with no solution. He plans to first contact the Armco Steel Corp. pilot who landed at approximately 6:45 in order to determine the exact time of landing, the plane's light configuration and speed of landing, and whether the pilot saw anything. If the time coincides, it would account for part of the sighting, but only part. In that case it would mean Mrs. Tucker saw two separate objects.

       Any experimental-type, vertical take-off aircraft will be checked, although Sgt. Moody said that experimental aircraft are not flown in this area at such low altitudes or during hours when it could be easily seen.

       The Air National Guard and the Army Reserve will be checked for regular-type helicopters operating in the area.

       Sgt. Moody will also check area radar units to see if they picked up any objects that night.

       "In order to explain it, we have to identify a specific object in the area at that time," he said.

       "So far this year we have investigated 700 reports, and of this number, 15 remain unexplained.

       "So many people report these things that I wish I could see one," he commented.       

This reference: The Middletown (Ohio) Journal, November 13, 1965. With thanks to Barry Greenwood for copies of this publication.       

Sanderson’s text from Invisible Residents, pp. 228-229.  

Date                 Place                Into                  Time     General Description

4 Nov. 1965     Middletown,     Great Miami      P.M.      Bright flashing light

                        Ohio                 River                             in and out      

Behavior                                              Witnesses       

Stationary flashing light sped              One adult

off and landed in river, then took

off again in a deep red glow   

UFOCAT PRN - 76804

UFOCAT URN – NONE   The Middletown (Ohio) Journal, November 05 & 13, 1965

UFOCAT URN – 076804 Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 228, © 1970

UFOCAT URN – 147437 A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies by George Eberhart, #0711, © 1980

UFOCAT URN – 165555 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, #06999, © 2002

UFOCAT Text: Nautical UFO. Stationary flashing light sped off, landed in river. Took off with deep red glow. 1 adult witness.          (Based on Invisible Residents)

North America – United States, Ohio, Butler

Poast Town                  Latitude 39-32-50 N, Longitude 84-23-00 W (D-M-S)

Middletown                  Latitude 39-30-54 N, Longitude 84-23-54 W

Great Miami River         Latitude 39-06-31 N, Longitude 84-48-52 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html  

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 39.51 N, Longitude 84.40 W (D-M)

                                      Latitude 39.52 N, Longitude 84.40 W           


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