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Extract from a letter from Mr. Douglas Carnegie, Blackheath, England. Date sometime in 1906

"This last voyage we witnessed a weird and most extraordinary electric display." In the Gulf of Oman, he saw a bank of apparently quiescent phosphorescence: but, when within twenty yards of it, "shafts of brilliant light came sweeping across the ship's bows at a prodigious speed, which might be put down as anything between 60 and 200 miles an hour. These light bars were about 20 feet apart and most regular." As to phosphorescence--"I collected a bucketful of water and examined it under the microscope, but could not detect anything abnormal." That the shafts of light came up from something beneath the surface---"They first struck us on our broadside, and I noticed that an intervening ship had no effect on the light beams: they started away from the lee side of the ship, just as if they had traveled right through it.

The Gulf of Oman is at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

This reference: The Complete Books of Charles Fort, pp. 276-7, 1974, from the original The Book of the Damned by Charles Fort, 1919.

Original: Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 32-280


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Southwestern Asia

The Gulf of Oman: Is located between Oman and Iran. Approximate location is Latitude

24-0 N, Longitude 60-0 E (D-M)

This reference: The Hammond World Atlas, p. 127/4GH, published 2000

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 24.53 N, Longitude 58.37 E (D.%)


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