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Lorimer A. Grant in a letter describes an experience he had as a U.S. Naval officer in late summer 1963. He was on the USS Sarsfield sailing from Puerto Rico to Key West. Sailing at 24 knots, the sonar picked up a large object at 300 to 400 feet underwater. It seemed to be about 200 feet long and 40 feet wide. The ship circled the object. Checks were made by radio and they were informed that no known submarines were in the area. The object was radioed to surface and identify itself. When it did not, the ship circled and dropped concussion grenades on it. The object did not change its speed or course.

The ship then let down a large grappling hook on 500 fathoms of heavy line. The ship sailed back and forth so that the hook was drawn through the space that the sonar showed was filled with the object, yet no contact was ever made. After spending the afternoon fruitlessly trying to grapple an object that seemed so near them, the captain gave up. Grant reports that he heard other stories of such mysterious objects under the sea from fellow sailors.

This reference: INFO Journal, Vol. 3, #1, Whole #9, autumn 1972, p. 38

Original reference: Argosy, July 1970. Credit: Mark Hall


UFOCAT URN NONE Argosy, July 1970

UFOCAT URN NONE INFO Journal, Vol. 3, #1, Whole #9, autumn 1972, p. 38

Central America North Atlantic Ocean

Puerto Rico Latitude 18-15-05 N, Longitude 66-30-05 W (D-M-S) [Island]

Key West Latitude 24-33-17 N, Longitude 81-47-29 W [Island]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/redirect.html

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