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Note: The above date is the earliest date on the document, however, in the text we only have “recent reports,” which leave the date undeclared. Photo of document follows reconstructed text. -CF-        

                                                            Special Information                  C.I.A. Station

                                                                                                            17-A –U.S.A.

                                                                                                            March 6, 1960 

Roy: - Canadian Mounted Police

To: Ottowa (sic) police Hdqtrs.

Ottowa (sic), Canada  


       Please be adviced (sic) that the ATHABASCA INDIANS of BRITISH COLUMBIA PROVINCE in western Canada, Commonwealth of Canada, report that some sort of a SPACE SHIP or “FLYING SAUCER” has been seen in the heavy timbered area of the British Columbia Rain Forrest (sic) Area. The Athabascao Indian tribe Scouts referr (sic) to the Space Ship as "SASQUATCH SHIP" in Athabasca language meaning "SKY BOAT"

       According to recent reports from a group of hunters with the Athabasca Indians of British Columbia, the object is said to have come out of sky and hit a lake (Lake Fraser?) then rose into air and hit on Fraser River in British Columbia Province of Canada. The Space object (Missile? or possibly rocket?) is said to be [in] a haevy (sic) timber area of the place known as-:           



The Space ship or Satellite is reported to be circular, about 200 yards in diameter, and the Indians state with weight estimated of 1000 tons, object is made of white metal. The British Columbia Indians report that object is on a plateau area after it slid from Fraser River uphill into (and Thru) timber and is not visable (sic) from air but is concealed by a heavy grouth (sic) of timber in the British Columbia timbered area named “RAIN FORREST (sic)”. (Near Aggassis (sic), British Columbia, Canada)

       The Athabasca  Indians reported that the object emitts (sic) a glow at night or "LIGHT” (possibly radiation?). In view of recent reports of unidentified flying objects  (U.F.O.) perhaps it may be advicable (sic) to send some competent investigators from the R.C.M.P. office? It may be possible to locate the Space Ship (or Missile-Satellite?) by use of a low-Flying plane over Rain Forrest (sic)-plane equipt (sic) with a Geiger counter, and Scintellometer (sic) airial (sic) URANIUM LOCATING DEVICES, might be able to find the object as Indians believe it is radioactive object?

       British Columbia Indians report that the strange, object is 50 miles from Aggassis (sic), (N.W. ?) in the heavy Rain Forrest (sic) area.

                                                                                                            Sinc. and resp. yrs.

            Circular Seal               EXEMPTION/EXCEPTION 19 (1)                Signature Blacked Out

            MAR 10 1960             LOI SUR L’ACCÈS À L’INFORMATION       


                                                                                                % ROGER WYBOT

                                                                                                DIEAUXIME (sic) BUREAU

                                                                                                INTER-POL (sic)

                                                                                                SORBONNE NATIONALE SURRETTE

                                                                                                PARIS, FRANCE 

P.S. Data recd. via mail relay Queens Messenger Service, England from C.I.A. report-U.S.A.

Note -———* The Indian scouts report that the object seen by Athabasca Indians IS NOT AN AIRPLANE IS NOT A METEORITE and is Not visable (sic) from air- it may be possible to locate the Sattellite (sic) ship by foot reconnasaince (sic) teams and low flyingp (sic) planes useing (sic) radium detection devices in Rain Forrest (sic) area near Aggassis (sic) , British Columbia, Canada                                                                                                                                   

This reference: Document at bottom supplied by Canadian researcher Chris Styles with my thanks for his help.-CF-          

Chris adds: The 1960 purported water case was found within a collection held at Canada's National Archives in Ottawa. It is known as:

RG18 (RCMP), Volume 3779, File HQ-400-Q-5, pts. 1-7           

UFOCAT PRN – 032938 [DOS: 03-??-1960]

UFOCAT URN – 032938 Computerized Catalog (N=3173), #1322 by L. Schoenherr, no © date

UFOCAT PRN – 091416 [DOS: 03-16-1960]

UFOCAT URN – 07447 Flying Saucer Review, July 1960, p. 22

North America – Canada, British Columbia

Fraser Lake      Latitude 54-05-00 N, Longitude 124-45-00 W (D-M-S)

Fraser Lake      Latitude 54-06-00 N, Longitude 124-38-00 W [Indian Reserve 2]

Hoping to find something with the Indian’s name in it, I found: Athabasca Pass. -CF-

Athabasca Pass - Latitude 52-23-35 N, Longitude 118-11-00 W

Reference: http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/index_e.php                       

Aggassis - Unable to locate, and as with the above misspellings, Aggassis was also misspelled.
Aggassis = Agassiz (found by my resourceful and dedicated helper –H J-)    

Agassiz            Latitude 49-14-00 N, Longitude 121-46-00 W (D-M-S)



Geographical location: Fraser Valley Regional District, British Columbia, Canada, North America. When you look at the map of Agassiz, you can see several Indian Reserves not far from it. –H J-           


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