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Again the Sea Serpent.


   Mr. A. H. Rayner1, second officer of the S.S. Fort Salisbury (Bucknall Line), which arrived recently at Plymouth from the Cape, sends the following to the Daily Mail: —

   Oct. 28, 3 5 [sic-3:05] a.m.—Dark object with long, luminous trailing wake, thrown in relief by a phosphorescent sea, seen ahead, a little on starboard bow. Look-out reported two masthead lights ahead. These two lights, almost as bright as a steamer’s lights, appeared to shine from two points in line on the upper surface of the dark mass. Concluded dark mass was a whale and lights phosphorescent. On drawing nearer, dark mass and lights sank below the surface. Prepared to examine the wake in passing with binoculars.


   “Passed about 40 to 50 yards on port side of wake, and discovered it was the scaled back of some huge monster slowly disappearing below the surface.” This breadth of the body showing above water tapered from about 30 ft. close abaft where the dark mass had appeared to about 5 ft. at the extreme end visible. Length, roughly, about 500 ft. to 600 ft.


   “Concluded that the dark mass first seen must have been the creature’s head. The swirl caused by the monster’s progress could be distinctly heard, and a strong odour like that of a low-tide beach on a summer day pervaded the air. Twice along its length the disturbance of the water and a broadening of the surrounding belt of phosphorus indicated the presence of huge fins in motion below the surface.”


Note 1: spelled Raymer in version below


Reference for the above text is: Southland Times,  NZ, issue 18038, January 7, 1903, p. 3.

My reference: E-mail from Albert Rosales to Chris Aubeck and forwarded to me (CF) dated August 14, 2011.


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       Zoologist, 4-7-38—that, according to the log of the steamship Fort Salisbury, the second officer, Mr. A. H. Raymer, had, Oct. 28, 1902, in Lat. 5° 31' S., and Long. 4° 42' W., been called, at 3:05 A.M., by the lookout, who reported that there was a huge, dark object bearing lights in the sea ahead. Two lights were seen. The steamship passed a slowly sinking bulk of an estimated length of five or six hundred feet. Mechanism of some kind—fins, the observers thought—was making a commotion in the water. "A scaled back" was slowly submerging.

       One thinks that seeing for such details as "a scaled back" could not have been very good at three o'clock in the morning. So doubly damned is this datum that the attempt to explain it was in terms of the accursed Sea Serpent.

       Phosphorescence of the water is mentioned several times, but that seems to have nothing to do with two definite lights, like those of a vessel. The Captain of the Fort Salisbury was interviewed. "I can only say that he (Mr. Raymer) is very earnest on the subject, and has, together with the lookout and helmsman, seen something in the water of a huge nature, as specified."

       One thinks that this object may have been a large, terrestrial vessel that had been abandoned and was sinking.

       I have looked over Lloyd's List for the period, finding no record by which to explain.


Reference for the above text is: The Complete Books of Charles Fort, pp. 642-643, this article coming from his book Lo ! published 1931.

Original reference: Zoologist, 4-7-38. Note: This is an error by Fort. The correct reference is Zoologist, s. 4, 7 (January 1903), pages 38-9.     

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Text location    Latitude 5-31 S, Longitude 4-42 W (D-M)

The location given in the text is off the coast of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

This reference: Hammond World Atlas, p. 133/4A, published 2000.    

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