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Sindbad the Sailor, Report No. 3      

The account is taken from Lumières dans la Nuit (Contact Lecteurs), Series 3, No. 5 of January 1971.  

A lady correspondent of Lumières dans la Nuit recently found out about these happenings when she had the opportunity to spend some time at the Mediterranean French fishing-port of Le Brusc, in the dept. of Var (southeastern France, between Marseilles1 and Nice). She was able to interview some of the men involved, having won their confidence, but only on condition that their names [not be] revealed.           

       "There were three of us, out in two boats. I was alone in my boat and my two companions were in theirs. It was eight years ago, on the night of August 1, 1962, and between 11:00 and 11:30 p.m. It was a very fine night, with a starry sky, a slight wind, and the sea quite calm. Suddenly, at about 300 metres from me, I saw a large metallic body, elongated in shape, and with a sort of chimney or turret in the middle. It seemed to be moving along slowly on the surface of the sea. Then finally it stopped. I said to my companions in the other boat: ‘A submarine has surfaced over there quite close to us. It doesn't seem to worry them!'

     "One of the others replied: 'It must be a foreign sub. It's a model that I don't know.' Then there was some disturbance and waves around the submarine, and I was able to make out some frogmen coming out of the sea and climbing up onto the craft. We shouted to them. But at first they didn't even turn round to look at us. My two companions, who had also seen them and had heard me hailing them, also called to them with their loud-speaker: 'Hi there, mates! Snooty today, eh? Are you from here? Foreigners, eh maybe? But anyway, give us an answer!'

       "The result was nil. There was no reply from their side. I had a good view of them. I counted about a dozen of them getting up onto the submarine. Then three or four of them did look round and hesitated for a few instants before vanishing into the ship.

       "Finally, before rejoining the rest, the last man turned towards us and raised his right arm above his head and waved it for a few instants in greeting, to say he had seen us, and then he disappeared into the craft like the rest.

       "Then we saw the machine rise right up out of the water and hang there just above the waves. Then we saw lights go on, red and green, and a beam of white light shot out and reached as far as our boats. This beam was from a searchlight and gave off no heat or anything unpleasant.

       "Then the beam of light went out. Then the craft was lit up with an orange-sort of glow, and the red and green lights went out. The machine started to rotate very slowly, from left to right, and rose to about 20 metres above the sea.

       "Its appearance was, as we now saw, like an oval or almost round dish and of the dimensions of a medium-sized submarine. It hung there stationary for a few minutes. Then it began to rotate faster, its light grew brighter, and suddenly it shot off horizontally at high speed over the sea, amid a vast silence. Its light now took on the colour of red flame and it flattened out and came back right round over us in a beautiful curve while climbing all the while and increasing speed, and then it vanished as a tiny red dot among the stars. Within just a few moments while we watched it, it had become totally invisible to sight.

       "We remained there quite a while, flabbergasted, straining our eyes at the spot in the sky where that fantastic machine had disappeared.

       "Apart from the noise of the waves, we had heard no sound from it, and you can well imagine that we asked ourselves what it could possibly have been. It was not a submarine, nor a helicopter nor a seaplane; we would have certainly seen if it was any one of those.

       "Very much aware and sensitive as we were about ridicule and mockery, we have never talked to anybody about that fantastic and mysterious encounter out at sea, and we have kept silent about it right up until now, with the intention of telling you, and only you, about it."  

This reference: Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement # 14, April 1973, pp. 13-15.
Original reference: Lumières dans la Nuit, January 1971.        

Note 1: Marseilles is a variant of Marseille.    

UFOCAT PRN – 68311

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Europe – France. Body of water is the Mediterranean Sea.

Marseilles         Latitude 43-18 N, Longitude 5-24 E (D-M)

Le Brusc           Latitude 43-04 N, Longitude 5-48 E

Nice                  Latitude 43-42 N, Longitude 7-15 E

Reference: France Gazetteer, published in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1964   

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 43.07 N, Longitude 5.77 E (D.%)     


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