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Luminescence, Gulf of Siam

Second Officer C. J. Boyes and Midshipman M. Hibbert of the British S.S. Telemachus, Capt. J. K. Edmonds, Master, reported the following:

At 1906 G.M.T. May 30, 1962, in lat. 7 22' N., long. 103 18' E., course 166 speed 16.5 knots, dim rays of light were observed. These rays appeared to be traveling across or under the water and came from a 210 direction and extended in a 120-300 direction. They passed the ship at a rate of 3 per second. At 1910 G.M.T. these rays changed from parallel lines to curved lines which rotated around a center, which apparently was on the horizon, in a clockwise direction. The center was bearing 210. At 1913 G.M.T. the rays became confused and at 1916 G.M.T. another group of rays, this time on the port bow, appeared. These rays were curved but rotated in a counter-clockwise direction about a center which appeared to be bearing 120. At 1921 G.M.T. the lines became less well defined and slower in movement and passed the ship at a rate of 2 per second. At 1926 G.M.T. the rays disappeared altogether. The depth finder was turned on but showed the charted depth with no variations.

Wind N by W force 1, no swell, rippled sea, barometer 29.76 inches, temperatures: dry 84F., wet 79., sea 87 F.

This reference: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 99, 1970

Original reference: Notice to Mariners, U.S.H.O., No. 38 (N.S.), 22 September 1962.

UFOCAT PRN 81390 [DOS: 05-31-1962]

UFOCAT URN NONE Notice to Mariners, U.S.H.O., No. 38 (N.S.), 22 September 1962

UFOCAT URN - 81390 Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 98, 1970

The Gulf of Siam is now the Gulf of Thailand.

Gulf of Thailand - Latitude 10-00 N, Longitude 102-00 E (D-M)

This reference: Cambodia Gazetteer, prepared in the Geographical Names Division, U.S. Army Topographic Command, Washington, D.C., November 1970

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 7.37 N, Longitude 103.30 E (D.%)

Text Location Latitude 7-22 N, Longitude 103-18 (D-M)


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