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That, upon April 4, 1901, about 8:30 in the Persian Gulf, Captain Hoseason, of the steamship Kilwa, according to a paper read before the Society by Captain Hoseason, was sailing in a sea in which there was no phosphorescence--"there being no phosphorescence in the water."

I suppose I'll have to repeat that: "... there being no phosphorescence in the water."

Vast shafts of light--though the captain uses the word "ripples"--suddenly appeared. Shaft followed shaft upon the surface of the sea. But it was only a faint light and, in about fifteen minutes, died out, having appeared suddenly, having died out gradually. The shafts revolved at a velocity of about 60 miles an hour.

Phosphorescent jellyfish correlate with the Old Dominant: in one of the most heroic compositions of disregards in our experience, it was agreed, in the discussion of Capt. Hoseason's paper, that the phenomenon was probably pulsations of long strings of jellyfish.

This reference: The Complete Books of Charles Fort, pp. 275-6, 1974. The original book was The Book of the Damned published 1919 by Charles Fort.

Original reference: Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 28-29

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Persian Gulf - Is bounded by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran.

Latitude 27-00-00 N, Longitude 51-00-00 E (D-M-S)

Reference: http://gnswww.nga.mil/geonames/GNS/index.jsp


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