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       An official Argentine Navy UFO report, labeled one of the most important Argentine UFO cases, has been released to NICAP in accordance with an agreement to exchange UFO information.

       This combined visual and E-M (electromagnetic) interference incident occurred late in 1963, involving the Navy transport A.R.A. Punta Médanos.

       During the night of Nov. 12, 1963, says the official report, "A large airship [never identified] was sighted from the stern of the vessel. The huge UFO was round-shaped, and it was moving at great speed. It displayed no lights and made no sound.

       As the unknown machine appeared, the needles of the ship's magnetic compasses "suddenly and simultaneously" swung off course, pointing toward the UFO. The power which caused this E-M interference is indicated by the distance involved. At the time, the Navy report states, the UFO was 2,000 meters (well over a mile) away from the ship.

       After the UFO was gone and the compasses returned to normal, the transport commander radioed the Commander-In-Chief of the Argentine Fleet. The Fleet Commander was so concerned he ordered a full investigation by the Hydrographic Service.

       Instrument experts found no electric cause for the E-M effect. No magnets had been near the compasses, which were separately mounted on different decks. The Geologic Division determined that the sighting area was magnetically quiet and also ruled out submarines and military and civilian aircraft, leaving the UFO as definitely the cause of the E-M interference.

       The official report was sent to NICAP by Lt. Cdr. O. R. Pagani, whom the Secretary of the Argentine Navy appointed to investigate UFO sightings. Pagani said that the Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service will investigate all future E-M cases, and he will send detailed reports to NICAP.

       Lt. Cdr. Pagani also forwarded a summary of 1964 UFO cases registered with the Argentine government, adding that fifteen 1965 reports already are on record with the Navy. NICAP will try to report the best cases as soon as space permits.                                                                     

This reference: UFO Investigator, publication of NICAP, Vol. 3, # 4, August/September 1965, p. 6

NOTE: In Argentina’s Military UFO Dossier by Antonio Huneeus, p. 4, date unknown, Mr. Huneeus states that the length of the sighting was 55 minutes and that the ship was in the vicinity or facing the Golfo Nuevo.           

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South America - Argentina

Golfo Nuevo     Latitude 42-42 S, Longitude 64-36 W (D-M) [Golfo = Bay]

Reference: Argentina Gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., February 1968.    

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 40.00 S, Longitude 61.00 W (D.%) 


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