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      Almost 80 miles to the east is the fishing harbor and resort of Łeba, located on the open sea with several coastal lakes nearby. On a Sunday, September 24, 1961, Czaslaw Kawecki, a 28 year old textile technician, was enjoying the last evening hours of his summer vacation. In the morning, he would take the train home to Łodz. Kawecki wanted to have a final, leisurely look at the sea, so he decided on a night stroll back to his hotel. He removed his shoes and socks and, holding them with one hand, walked slowly through the sand dunes that separated the sea from Lake Łebsko. Occasionally he lingered on the shore to gaze at the shimmering waters lighted by a full moon. He glanced at his watch, saw that it was 11:35, and turned to walk toward Łeba. Then, suddenly, he was almost startled out of his wits. Later, he told Szachnowski:
       "A sudden noise of rushing waters made me turn toward the sea again. And right in front of me, about 1000 feet from the shore, the surface was rising in one spot. It looked like a round hill--pushed up from beneath. Then, splashes of water gushed from the top and, like fountain jets, fell around the 'hole' in the waves. From this opening in the water emerged an object which at first I thought to be an elongated triangle.... "          

      Kawecki admitted mixed feelings of excitement and uneasiness at this point, but he resolved to hold his ground and watch further developments.

       "The object rose a few yards," Kawecki continued, "and hovered above this same spot, but there was now a whirlpool of water rushing inward with a loud sucking and gurgling noise. The object itself was black and silent.

Figure 1         

       "Suddenly there appeared a belt of steady white light (1) [see Figure 1] segmented by a number of convex dark streaks. This light made glowing reflections (2) on the lower rim of the object. It also lighted considerably the upper rim (3) and all the rest. Now it became apparent that 'the thing' had the shape of a huge inverted funnel with two rims, separated by a belt of segmented light. About halfway up the upper part was a thin strip (4) of something whiter than the rest on a rather dark body. The slits end of this 'funnel' had a rounded top from which protruded a stump (5), thinning upward and bent in the middle on one side.

       "The stillness of the object lasted about a minute, then there appeared the glow of a second light under the object. (6) It was also a white one, but much stronger and sharper than that emitted by the segmented belt. Almost immediately the 'funnel' tilted slowly northwards--revealing the bottom. After remaining in this position for about half a minute without changing, it glided about 50 yards eastward, stopped, but soon glided back and stopped again. All this time the bottom of the object was visible to me."      

Figure 2         

       Kawecki took sharp notice of the unusual underside of the hovering body. He described its perimeter as dark and circular, like the wide rim of a funnel (7). [Figure 2] Toward the center of the underside was a wide ring of strong white light with many hook-shaped streaks upon it (8). Next was a dark ring with three evenly spaced triangular spikes (9). They extended over more than half the width of the lighted, streaked ring. Finally, in the very center was a disc that appeared to be made of highly polished silver or crystal (10). It reflected the light brilliantly.

       Kawecki felt certain there was some rotation involved with the underside. He could not be sure whether the spikes were moving or the dark streaks turned under them, but one or the other rotated.

       "Next, the light became bluish and more intense. Then the object moved toward the north and upward at about a 45 degree angle, at a speed not any faster than a jet airplane. It became a diminishing spot of light until it finally disappeared. There was no sound at all, and my entire observation lasted not more than four or five minutes.

       "I estimated the width of the object at about 16 feet and its length, without the antenna, at about 20 feet.

       "When the object disappeared, I realized that a young couple was standing a few paces from me, gasping in amazement. They, too, were returning to their hotel. As I talked with them, two men in their 50s came up to us from opposite directions. They were local people--probably fishermen--and rather shaken by the sighting. They went to inform the coast guard."         

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Europe – Poland. Body of water is the Baltic Sea

Łeba                Latitude 54-45 N, Longitude 17-33 E (D-M)

Łodz                 Latitude 51-45 N, Longitude 19-28 E

Lake Łebsko    Latitude 54-43 N, Longitude 17-25 E (Jezioro Łeba)

Reference: Gazetteer of Poland, Vol. 1 (A-L), published by the Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, D.C., August 1988.         

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 54.75 N, Longitude 17.53 E (D.%) [Based on “Łeba”]

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 54.73 N, Longitude 17.40 E (D.%) [Based on “Łebsko Bay”]


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