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Mystery "Sub"           

Durban, S. Rhodesia. On the 13th of February 1961, what appeared to be an unidentified submarine was spotted off the Natal1 Coast at Tongast2 and Umhloti between 3 and 4 a. m. An eyewitness said that shortly after 4 a. m., the sea off Umhloti was lit by a strange light disclosing, about two miles offshore, a ship with a conning tower and people walking on its deck. Credit Dorothy Lefter, from S. Rhodesia Evening Standard (Salisbury).                                                  

This reference: The A. P. R. O. Bulletin, May, 1961, p. 6           

UFOCAT PRN – 81366

UFOCAT URN – NONE  S. Rhodesia Evening Standard (Salisbury), undated

UFOCAT URN – NONE  The A. P. R. O. Bulletin, May, 1961, p. 6

UFOCAT URN – 81366 Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 51, © 1970        

Note 1: Natal – The smallest of the four provinces of the Republic of South Africa, bounded on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the south by Cape Province, on the west by Lesotho, the Orange Free State, and Transvaal; and on the north by Swaziland and Mozambique.

Reference: The New Encyclopædia Britannica, p. 526-7, ©1986.        

For almost ten years, Natal was, during the latter part of the 1980s, in a state of violence that only ended with the first democratic elections in 1994.

The entire Natal province became the province of KwaZulu Natal in 1994. –H J-


Note 2: Tongast = Tongaat

There are a few references to Tongast, South Africa if Googled, but it seems that it might be a misspelling. No gazetteer has Tongast in it and Tongaat fits the area described.-CF-           

Africa – Republic of South Africa, KwaZulu Natal. Body of water is the Indian Ocean

Natal                Latitude 29-52 S, Longitude 31-03 E (D-M) [Cape]

Tongaat           Latitude 29-34 S, Longitude 31-11 E [Beach]

Umhloti            Latitude 29-39 S, Longitude 31-07 E [Also Umdloti Beach]

Reference: South Africa Gazetteer, prepared by the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1954.           


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