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Spring 1960


Syracuse (New York). An electronics engineer was fishing when he heard a shrill, whirring sound and saw a round object, with a rotating light on top, land on the shore. The sound gradually stopped, an opening became visible, and two dwarfs with oversized heads came out with a hose and pumped water from the river. Later they appeared to play like children. Their bodies glowed with lights of changing colors. (Binder).

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North America United States, New York, Onondaga County

Syracuse Latitude 43-25 N, Longitude 76-09 W (D-M)

Onondaga County Latitude 43-00 N, Longitude 76-10 W

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington, D.C., 1990

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 43.05 N, Longitude 76.15 W (D.%)

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 43.05 N, Longitude 76.13 W [URN: 165061]


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