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Heat and Electricity   

       On the evening of October 20, a car was travelling on Route N-393 between Schirmeck and St-Quirin-en-Moselle; the driver was Mr. Jean Schoubrenner of Sarrebourg. About half a mile from the village of Turquenstein, in the forest of the same name, Mr. Schoubrenner suddenly noted, on the highway some distance ahead of him, a luminous body. He slowed down as he approached this object. When he was about 20 yards from it, he suddenly felt as if he had been paralyzed; his hands froze to the steering wheel. At the same moment his engine stopped and, as the car's momentum carried it forward, a sensation of increasing heat spread through his body. A few seconds later the object flew away toward the northwest and all these symptoms disappeared.         

       This heat sensation was reported again on that same afternoon in the department of l'Aube, 125 miles west ofTurquenstein. It was raining hard that evening in the Lusigny forest, not far from Troyes. Mr. Roger Réveillé, a lumber dealer, was walking along a wood [-ed?] road when his attention was attracted by a loud rustling sound such as would be made by a flight of pigeons. Looking up, he noted, at tree-top height, an oval-shaped object perhaps 20 feet long. At the same time, he felt an ever more intense heat. In a few seconds the machine disappeared upward. In the woods, the heat was now intolerable and was producing a thick fog. It was almost a quarter of an hour before Mr. Réveillé was able to approach the site. He then found that, in spite of the rain, the ground and trees at that spot were as dry as if they had been exposed to full sunshine.                                                                                                                            

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Europe – France, Aube, Alsace

Troyes                          Latitude 48-17-60 N, Longitude 04-04-60 E (D-M-S)

Saint-Quirin                  Latitude 48-37-00 N, Longitude 07-04-00 E (D.%) [St-Quirin-en-Moselle]

Schirmeck                     Latitude 48-29-00 N, Longitude 07-13-00 E (D-M-S)

Aube                            Latitude 48-15-00 N, Longitude 04-05-00 E [Département de l’Aube]

Lusigny Forest             Latitude 48-15-00 N, Longitude 04-15-00 E [Bois de Lusigny]

Turquenstein   Closest I could find on a Google search was “Forêt de Turquestein”

                           (Missing the “n” which is correct) –CF-

Turquestein Forest      Latitude 48-33-00 N, Longitude 07-05-00 E [Forêt de Turquestein]

Sarrebourg                  Latitude 48-44-00 N, Longitude 07-03-00 E

Reference: http://gnswww.nga.mil/geonames/GNS/index.jsp           

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 48.27 N, Longitude 4.29 E (D.%)     


The following information was provided to me by a friend of my professional translator who lived in Troyes for many years:        

     There is an error in the spelling of the name.  It is the village of Turquestein (now Turquestein-Blancrupt since the very small communes were often grouped together these last twenty years to simplify administrative management) in department #57 which is Moselle (in the northeastern part of France).  It is located in the Forest of Turquestein, northwest of Donon, near Schirmeck, about 20 km west of Obernai.  On the whole, it is located in the triangle formed by the cities of Saverne, Sarrebourg, and Molsheim (roughly between Nancy and Strasbourg).  It is the D 393 (which means a departmental/secondary road and not a national/state road, which would be N 393, but maybe in 1954, it was a national road; it is possible) which goes from Schirmeck to Saint-Quirin (it has a section which is called D 392).

     In regards to the Forest of Lusigny, it was used in part for the establishment of an artificial lake with an ornithological reserve and a sports and recreation park in the 1960's called "Lac de la Forêt d'Orient" (Lake of the Forest of the Orient).  It is located 10 km east of Troyes between the communes of Lusigny-sur-Barse, Géraudot, and Mesnil-Saint-Père.  There remains, to the east of the lake, a large forest now called Parc Régional de la Forêt d'Orient  (Regional Park of the Forest of the Orient)  between Vendeuvre-sur-Barse and Brienne-le-Château, which certainly must have been called Forêt de Lusigny (Forest of Lusigny) at that time.

     One must take into account the date and the change of local names in fifty years.          


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