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Pityilu Island (PNG) UFO Sighting – Late ’70s by Carl Feindt     

     This UFO account came to me from people who know me and relate to my interest (or psychosis) in this phenomenon. It came from a friend of my sister, and the two of them had not seen each other since their high school days in the mid-’40s. She returned in 1988 from the Admiralty Islands area, north of Papua New Guinea, where she had been a missionary for 28 years. The account that follows is in her own words:   

   ”I was on an island called Pityilu, and it was a small, flat, sand island, just a degree and a half south of the equator. It belonged to the Manus Island, to the Manus Province, and I was there visiting on this island where I had church meetings, and the evening meeting where I had shown film strips was over. And I was now sitting on the beach, on the north side … the south-north side of the island, looking over to the mission station where I was working. And it was night time and there was a full moon, and people do not spend much time in their houses—they’re little huts—but they love to sit at the beach, especially when  the moon is full. If the mosquitoes are bad, they make little fires from coconut husks and this way the smoke keeps the mosquitoes away. We were sitting there and all of a sudden the people at the western end of the … now it’s a very small island, just a few hundred feet long. And the people started to shout. And of course if somebody … there’s very little entertainment. There’s little excitement, it’s the same old thing every single day, and so when somebody shouts, everybody jumps. For example, if there’s a feud with a husband and wife, everybody gathers around the house to take part in the feud. And so everybody came running … Look! Look! Look! Look! And there, about tree level, not very high, we saw this blimp flying. It had white lights, and then it had some red and some green, and at the very beginning when we first saw it, it was flying in sort of a bizarre way. It wasn’t flying straight. It was sort of weaving back and forth. And then all of a sudden it straightened out and of course the crowds gathered. More and more people—Look! Look! Look! Look! Then it went down the island, it turned at the eastern end, and it landed in the water, which was all reef. It wasn’t very deep. And when it landed in the water, the men pulled their canoes into the water to go … to rescue anyone who needed it. But when they got there, there was absolutely no trace whatsoever. In fact, because it was a full moon, people are [sic – were] outdoors, and you could see the splash! You could see, it just… phussssh!”

       In the ensuing conversation that I had with the witness, the following facts came out: 
1. The object was not the moon itself as the moon was clearly visible to the right of the object (east).       
2. It was clearly visible in the moonlight and had green and red lights plus white lights that resembled windows, and it was relatively close to the observers as it passed from west to east.
3. It had no protrusions, such as wings, antenna, baskets, copula, or engines but was merely a “blimp”-shaped object. This was refined in later conversations to show that the top and bottom were parallel and not curved as a blimp would be and that there were NO vertical or horizontal control surfaces on the object such as on a blimp or zeppelin. This brings up the question of how the course change was made.           
4. The specific date was unknown but was related as “the late ’70s,” at which time the witness was in good health and wore no corrective lenses. There were no obstructions during the entire time of viewing, as she was looking towards the horizon over the ocean.
5. The witness’s attention was only brought into focus on the object by the natives of the island who had seen it prior to her. (multiple witnesses, but, unfortunately, no names). Upon seeing it, she had no idea of what it was and not having knowledge of UFOs, did not connect this sighting to that phenomenon. Between one to two years later, at a group picnic where another UFO was seen by the assembled people, someone else related that what they were seeing was a UFO, and she realized that what she had seen previously was a UFO as well.    
6. Weather was not a factor as the night was totally clear. Height of the UFO was given as “tree level…coconut tree,” therefore, it might have been as high as 80 feet above the sea. 
7. Having snorkeled in the reef area between the islands many times, she was familiar with the area where the UFO entered the water.The tide was high, and there were no swift currents in the area. The water depth was described by her height in relation to depth. From this we could estimate that the UFO was no more than four to five feet in height. That the UFO had intentionally gone into the water is shown by the fact that it had gone from a horizontal plane to an angled descent.          
8. In a refinement of a drawing I had made of the approximate shape, she added the oval (changed from the original interview in which I had only given her a choice of circular or rectangular) windows. She wasn’t positive if the red lights were placed above each window and the green lights below each window or if the lights were in the same position between the windows. However, the large amount of indicated lights precludes the idea that these might be interpreted as aircraft position lights. Using the height from item seven above, I used an architect’s scale to determine the length of the object. She had also drawn a line to shorten my drawing to show a stubbier craft. Figuring the height to be approximately 4.5 feet, the length comes out to roughly 10 feet. My Ford Escort measured 4.5 feet by 13 feet, so we can basically figure that the craft was very close to a compact car in size (not shape).     

9. I feel confident that the event as related to me is true, inasmuch as the witness is devoutly religious and has not sought publicity for herself. The story was related as an experience that was awoken by the relationship I had to UFOs and not by any exuberance in relating a fantastic tale to others.        

Reference for the above text is: Narrative of a case report to MUFON by Carl Feindt, ASD MUFON Delaware.          


Papua New Guinea – Admiralty Islands, Manus. Body of water is the Bismarck Sea.   
Papua New Guinea   Latitude 06-00-00 S, Longitude 147-00-00 E [independent political entity]        
Manus District         Latitude 02-00-00 S, Longitude 147-00-00 E [admin. div.]          
Admiralty Islands     Latitude 02-10-00 S, Longitude 147-00-00 E [islands]   
Pityilu Island           Latitude 01-57-44 S, Longitude 147-13-26 E [island]       
Pityilu Bapi             Latitude 01-57-21 S, Longitude 147-12-40 E [populated place]   
LoLo                     Latitude 01-57-50 S, Longitude 147-14-17 E [populated place]   
Bismarck Sea          Latitude 04-00-00 S, Longitude 148-00-00 E [sea]
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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