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Three Ocean Sightings

Three reports of UFO encounters by ocean-going vessels have come into headquarters which are presented here.         

The following
[This is # 3; see LL-1952~EE-1953, 04-17-1978] comes from an APRO member who is the wife of the Captain of a British Merchant ship. The narrative is in her own words. The date and location are not given but we expect to have them and will publish as a follow-up.       

   We, in the meantime had a close encounter, type II. I was not present. One of our junior officers, the second mate to be exact, and the seacunny1 on duty saw a strange very luminous ball, almost as large as two cars coming head on, at no more than half a mile dead ahead of the ship, hovering over the water and shining orange and white. Our seacunny who is a strict Muslim started muttering about Divine wrath and ghostly phenomena. The mate, who is more practical, deviated the vessel two degrees to port to avoid a collision, only to have the object jump to the altered course, always at the same distance and at the speed of the vessel. He came back on course, and the same thing happened. Frustrated, he just kept on watching it to see what happened. Nothing did, the object kept on just the same for almost 20 minutes, then suddenly glided to one side and disappeared leisurely behind the aft accommodation. As UFOs are anathema to my husband (and I would say any officer who likes to keep a good job), he did not log it. If you would be interested in more data, I shall have him make a drawing of what he thought he saw and talk to the seacunny. A thing I have not been able to do yet, as he has the dog watch and we are trafficking in very busy lanes at the moment.    
   I have also set all watches to watch the Heavens as carefully as the sea and see what happens.

Note 1: Definition of seacunny: (India) steersman, quartermaster    
Reference: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/seacunny  

Reference for the above text is: The APRO Bulletin, December 1978, p. 7. 

UFOCAT – UNKNOWN           

Location Unknown      

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