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       On 21 November 1951, saucers again appeared when guided missiles were being flown:

                  “Two engineers watching test flights in the Nevada desert were startled by the
            sudden appearance
of ‘two day stars1,’ spiralling round a guided missile. They
            appeared to examine it and then vanish. About this time far across the
            Rockies, one Guy Marquand, with two friends, was in a car on a road in the hills near
            Riverside, Calif., where, close by, mysterious explosions have occurred in orange
            groves. On a (sic-All of a) sudden, a thing like [a] 'flying cap' flew overhead, veered
            round, and flew back. Marquand photographed the aeroform. I have seen the picture,
            which is blurred, but suggests a very large bird, like the roc in the 'Arabian Night[s].'
            On the same day, an unidentified, burning object fell into the Pacific off the coast of
This reference: Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 150, © 1954      

Note 1: “Two day stars,” I believe, refer to two glowing points of light, as “stars” would not be seen during the day, which is the normal time for test missile launches.       

UFOCAT PRN - 17050

UFOCAT URN - 17050 Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 143, © 1954       

North America – United States, California

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