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[Log entry] May 5, 105th day

Winds still from the south, Force 4.

And I saw two UFOs shortly after sunset. Since I don't really believe or disbelieve in such things, I will report without comment. They appeared at 2330 GMT, my position being approximately 22 40 North, 49 19 West, as two very bright stars, about twice as bright as Venus, bearing 080 true. I was rowing at the time and almost directly facing them. The UFOs remained stationary, or very nearly so, for about five minutes at an altitude of approximately 20 degrees, fairly close together. The only bright star above them was Arcturus. They could not possibly have been stars, but I may as well mention it. They moved later toward the west, gaining altitude until they got about 15 degrees below and to the west of Jupiter, outshining it to the extent of making Jupiter look like a star of Magnitude plus-8 by comparison. At that moment a low rain cloud passed, obscuring .every star, including Jupiter, that was in its way --except the UFOs.

For a while they moved erratically and then went east again, then lost altitude until they were touching the horizon almost. One of them shot upward then, climbing very fast toward Ursa Major, passed between Alioth and Dubhe (I mention all the stars by name because I don't want anybody to think that I confused UFOs with stars), swerved slightly toward Phecda and suddenly disappeared. When I looked down, searching for the other, it was also gone.

The whole show lasted about twenty minutes, more or less. They were not man-made satellites. I see satellites almost every night, and apart from the fact that none of them is by far so bright, satellites always follow a more or less straight course at the same speed.

Rowed eleven hours.

I know that most people will say, "Poor chap, the way he was feeling at the time, there is no doubt that he suffered a hallucination" --which, of course, I did not. Throughout the journey, whatever else I may have suffered, I never had hallucinations except once perhaps, when I was very sick, but then I am not sure that that could be called a hallucination, as I recognized it as such. So, aside from what is reported in the Log, what else did, or do I imagine did, happen?

A very light breeze milled the sea. A few dark, rainy clouds scattered the sky. Since it was bright, still low and almost due east of me, I had chosen Arcturus to steer by, as this was easier and less tiring than keeping an eye on the compass all the time. After months of rowing at night, every night, the position of the stars was as familiar to me as the back of my hand. Thus, when the UFOs suddenly appeared, they immediately had my attention. Not only were they extraordinarily bright, but they were also blue and, to all appearances, they did not move. Amazing! Bewildered, I checked the time -- 2330 GMT -- and bearing -- 080 true; then stopped rowing and watched them, wondering.

After a while they climbed toward Jupiter, at the time nearly overhead, and hovered there. How far? I could not say, except that it was at this moment that the rainy cloud passed without concealing them. They were, by then, as bright as street lamps, about five hundred yards apart. I lit a cigarette and watched them, mesmerized as the light grew brighter and brighter, almost to the point of hurting my eyes; yet their size did not vary and incredible as it may sound, in spite of their increased brilliance, there was no reflection of light.

Something happened then about which I do not consciously remember anything other than a feeling that my body was floating in a void, or rather that I no longer had a body, as my whole being seemed to be struggling against a terrific, mental, esoteric force that was willing me to give myself to it, to say yes, to go away, to abandon myself....

It was so vivid, and yet so vague, vague. All I remember is the struggle, the resistance, and my saying "No, no. No." And then, at the last possible moment, when I was about to give in, I snapped out of it. The cigarette had burned, its entire ash completely unmoved, till it reached my fingers, and the burn had brought me back to my senses. I found myself absolutely bathed in sweat, and by the look and feel of them, my fingers must have been burning for quite a while before I had noticed. After that the UFOs went east again, and what happened then is in the Log.

Another tall story, by another one of those lone sailors? Maybe. Think what you wish. Personally, I will take the easy way out and say that I still don't believe or disbelieve in such things.
Or do I?

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Atlantic Ocean

UFO Location Text- Latitude 22-40 N, Longitude 49-19 W (D-M)


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