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07-??-1977 c

(Date based on p. 85-CF)    
Note: In order not to post the entire book to this site, I have deleted text from the pages relevant to the sighting which I felt did not apply directly to it. I recommend reading the entire book!          

There we were, four of us sitting silently like rocks ourselves. But suddenly, the two twins gave some kind of hand signal. 
"It's begun," Axel whispered. "Please, please! DO NOT make any noise, and do not move unless we tell you to."    

My eyeballs rolled around trying to perceive what had begun. I couldn't see anything unusual at all, save for what appeared to be some gray fog forming up in the direction of the lake. I thought it was just morning fog coming up.           

This fog continued forming for about five minutes, and suddenly I saw what had "begun." For in a moment's eye flicker the gray fog changed, first into luminous neon blue, and then into angry purple. [p. 91]        

At that point, Axel and one of the twins put a firm hand on each of my shoulders, and it was a good thing they did. A network of purple, red, and yellow lightening bolts shot in all crazy directions through the "cloud", and I would have jumped up if not held down. And then, there it was. Somewhat transparent at first, but in the next second, as if fading-up (like the movie term) out of nowhere, there IT WAS! -- solidly visible over the lake whose reflecting waters I could now clearly see.          


I don't really know what I had expected, but I had assumed that what I would see, if anything, would be something like a flying saucer. No chance of a saucer here, baby. Because IT was triangular, and its top angle sort of inverted in pulses, so that overall it appeared to be diamond shaped.    

At that moment in my astonishment, we could hear a "wind" coming, and it moved past us like a tangible magnetic field, rustling the pine trees around us so much that some cones and branches fell on us.  

The two firm hands on my shoulders tightened, warning me not to move in pure physical reaction. At the same time, ruby-red laser-like beams began shooting out from the "thing", which incredibly was now growing even MORE in size while still stationary in its original position over the lake.        

One of the twins now TALKED softly, although the sound of his voice was like thunder to me. "Shit! They're enveloping the area! They're going to spot US!"  

I had no time to wonder about what he meant. Indeed, some of the laser-red beams had begun blasting pine trees! Of all things! [p. 92]    

At the same time, the "thing" had now increased its size to what may have been about ninety feet wide. The whole of this so far had been accomplished in COMPLETE silence, and even the electric bolts had not "crackled." The blasting of the trees, though, was now audible, while at the same time I could begin to hear low-frequency pulsations.          

"They're blasting deer or porcupines or something in the forest," Axel explained softly in a calm but tense stage whisper. "The beams sense biological body heat, and they're sure to hone in on us."          

At that moment, the two hands tightened on my shoulders and I was dragged and practically thrown back down into the arroyo. There was a terrific "pop" where we had been, and some large branches of nearby pines cascaded down on us. 

That was my last sight of the triangular thing, but in that last moment I could see the WATER OF THE LAKE SURGING UPWARD--like a Waterfall going upward, as if being sucked into the "machine!"

[Text Deleted] 

I was virtually petrified with a kind of terror for which there are few if any words to describe. But there was also a kind of thrill. I HAD seen one! [p. 93]         

[Text Deleted] 

As for ME! Cascades of the most forbidding anger were pulsating through my entire body, making my hands shake. My reality-hopper was in ultimate wreckage. La-la land, to the max.       

Finally, Axel said that the water in the stream was good to drink, and one of the twins jerked his head as if meaning we should depart, which we did as if just coming back from a hiking expedition. [p. 94]

"So," Axelrod asked while walking, "what did you sense?" I burst out laughing: "You're completely nuts, Axel! I have to be calm, cool, collected, and in good shape to sense anything. But you can bet your ass you've got a real problem, haven't you!"  

Then, from a queasy area of sense-making not exactly intellectually conscious: "It was a 'drone' of some kind--un-manned, controlled from somewhere else wasn't it?"           

Axel frowned, looking at the slope of the hill we were descending. '"What was it doing here?" he asked tentatively.

'"Well, for chrissakes! It was THIRSTY! Taking on water, obviously. Someone, somewhere needs water.., so I suppose they just come and get it.      

"You don't need to be psychic to see that! Yeah! That's it, supply 'ship' Earth! Let's drive over to Earth, go shopping and pick up what we need, that kind of thing."           

More silent walking until we were again driving down the bumpy road in the van which had unsmashed cigars and sandwiches in it.         

"You know, Axel," I finally said, "they're really mean to blast away at 'deer and porcupines'. What can possibly be the sense of that I've read that some landed UFOs incinerate humans. Is that true?"     

Without waiting for an answer, which I knew I wouldn't get, I talked back to myself. "I suppose it is. I guess we would have been blasted, too, wouldn't we? You guys seem used to this, do you do it every once in a while?" [p. 95]      

[Text Deleted] 

"Any feelings about how the object transports itself?" Axel asked.    
I looked at him and burst out laughing. He had to be kidding! The "object", indeed. 

"Well, it must be some kind of 'space displacer', but really Axel, I haven't a clue. But I CAN understand why people who see something like this don't believe it--and why people who haven't seen it CAN'T believe it." [p. 96]        

Axel was silent, staring out the window. I went on: "As I remember it, the thing did not 'transport' itself. It GREW in place right where it appeared. "It was a pyramidal thing, not a saucer. We think of a saucer flying about, and in fact when we think of things in the air we think of flying in the air. "We do not think of things growing in place in the air." [ p. 97]  

This reference (Original) - Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy by Ingo Swann, pp. 91-97, © 1998.    
My thanks to Mr. Swann for permission to post his case to this site.  


Undisclosed Location – United States, Alaska – Near the Artic Circle. (From rear book cover)           

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