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       As UFO water-drawing has been observed at other times, we should pause to consider another case elsewhere in Canada which helps to show how much water evidently means to our visitors. Do they use it for testing, drinking or even for fuel, as some speculate?

       The case is also of interest because it provides a rare moment of seeing a UFO crew in action. It was originally published in the form of a letter from one of the witnesses, William J. Kiehl, to Jim and Coral Lorenzen who carried it in their book Flying Saucer Occupants. After starting Canadian UFO Report, we heard from Kiehl, then an elderly pensioner living in San Francisco, and it was obvious the incident was still alive in his thoughts even though he was just 16 when it happened.

       The year was 19141and Kiehl and two other young Americans were exploring Lake Superior2 when a boating accident left them marooned on the shore of Georgian (sic) Bay. They were picked up by a French Canadian couple with three small children in a large rowboat and were on their way again when the boat sprang a leak and the party stopped to make repairs.

       But all that was preliminary to the main event. While repairs were being made, one of the children noticed a deer at waterline staring out over the lake. Following the deer's gaze, she saw an unusual craft resting on the water and pointed it out to her mother who then called to the rest of the party.

       According to Kiehl, the air was still and the craft sat motionless in the water about 450 feet from shore. Its shape was that of a globe except that it was slightly flattened on top and had some sort of square substructure around the bottom3. Two man-like beings, four feet tall or less and clad in tight-fitting iridescent suits of greenish-purple, were standing on this "deck" manipulating a green hose in the water.

       After a moment three other small men appeared at the upper part of the craft. Like the first two, they wore box-shaped yellow headpieces but their clothing was khaki-colored. These three worked on what looked like three pipes emerging with them from the top of the globe and then disappeared, along with the pipes, back into the craft.

       Meanwhile the first two had pushed their hose through a hatch above them, which one of them then entered. At this point the craft started to rise, causing the remaining little "deck-hand" to cling desperately to a chrome-like ring around the superstructure.

       The craft moved quickly out of sight with the little fellow still clutching the ring. Kiehl said he often wondered what happened to him. One wonders, too, what caused the hurried departure. The occupants seemed to notice the deer, which darted back into the woods, but not the humans. Possibly the action of the deer alarmed them.

       Of all the strange aspects of this story, none is more so than the plight of the little crewman left clinging for his life. It seems incredible that the take-off was handled so badly, but then perhaps our visitors are “human” after all!                                                                                

This reference: Our UFO Visitors by John Magor, pp. 202-204, © 1977

With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/  

Note #1: Late August from several other sources.

Note #2: Georgia Bay is a part of Lake Huron.

Note #3: See following text by Timothy Beckley for estimated size of the craft.        


       One of the most documented accounts of UFOs seen over water is still vividly remembered by William J. Kiehl, who lived in San Francisco when he was interviewed. Kiehl reports that in August 1914, near Georgia Bay, Canada, he and eight other persons observed an odd phenomena:

       "Wet and chilled, we were gathering wood for a fire when two young girls who were in the party came running excitedly into our make-shift camp in an isolated cove and demanded that we follow them to a nearby beach. A deer was standing there, they said, gazing out onto the water at a strange machine which appeared to be anchored. We followed the girls and there, near the middle of the bay, was a strange machine of a type I had not seen the likes of before nor since.

       "I would say that this strange machine was about nine feet high and twelve feet long. On top of the ship were two little men dressed in green and purple tight-fitting clothes. Square yellow masks which seemed to rest on their shoulders covered their faces.

       "A light green-colored hose appeared to come out of a small porthole about halfway up the side of the unusual craft. The two little creatures appeared to be trying to get some kinks or knots out of the hose which was dragging in the water.

       "Their task accomplished, three more creatures appeared on the topmost deck of the craft and began adjusting some type of rods which were affixed to the upper part of the ship.

       "After what was probably two or three minutes, the five beings went inside the ship by way of the porthole from which the hose was extended.

       "The ship then rose from the bay surface sucking with it a heavy upsurge of water4 which sprayed the entire sea, leaving a mist above which did not settle for some time. As the ship continued to move straight up, it changed color from red to green and then made a tight left turn and flew off on its side."                                                                                                             

This reference: Strange Encounters: Bizarre & Eerie Contact with UFO Occupants by Timothy Green Beckley, p. 84, published 1992, New Brunswick, NJ: Inner Light Publications.

Note #4: Re: Beckley’s “upsurge of water,” several other authors have “trailing white vapor.”

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North America – Canada, Ontario

Georgia Bay     Latitude 45-30 N, Longitude 81-00 W (D-M)

This reference: Canada Gazetteer, Official Standard Names Gazetteer, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., November 1971, p. 132   

Lake Superior  Latitude 48-00 N, Longitude 88-00 W (D-M)

Lake Huron      Latitude 45-00 N, Longitude 83-00 W

Reference: http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/appendix/appendix-f.html

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 46.00 N, Longitude 81.00 W (D.%)

                                     Latitude 45.25 N, Longitude 80.83 W [URN 175920] 


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