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01-07-1990   ***ICE CIRCLES***

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General Translation

       In the morning of the 7th of January, on the Christmas day of 1990, the weather was dull and raw. It was drizzling rain, a thaw had set in [the] Kharkov region, but Anatoli Yevdokimovich Vorontsov1, an ardent fisherman and hunter, decided to see rich fishing places on the Mzha River. Could the fitter working in the local depot [of Merefa, a small town in Kharkov region], to imagine that his walk would become a part of the history of ufology?

       About 9 o'clock in the morning Anatoli Yevdokimovich was nearing one of the best fishing places on the river, where before a once-existent dam the water was wider and deeper, up to 12 meters. Suddenly, in total silence, he saw a strange reddish glow on a bank which was like camp fire gleams, a funny thing in so damp weather. But the wonder was waiting for him quite near. Turning past the dam, Anatoli Yevdokimovich saw a reddish object hanging in the air over the ice of the river in its widest expanse. The disk-shaped object, about 30 meters in diameter, hovered, its bottom just above bushes and top almost reaching the tops of trees. Ten or fifteen minutes after the beginning of the observation the UFO instantly soared high above the trees and stopped hovering. Now the man noticed a large round patch of open water in the ice. A second or two after the object flew away in the direction of the village of Kolesniki; as it did so, a blast of wind shook the tops of willows, some of them breaking with crackling. But for the round gap in the ice, there would have been no trace of the occurrence. It was also remarkable that a disc of ice of about 20 meters in diameter emerged slowly from under water and occupied the round gap, exactly fitting. Anatoli Yevdokimovich spared no efforts to examine broken willow tops and the field, and he saw the following: the whole water-meadow with remnants of mown grass was burnt by something. The burnt strips represented arcs of a large radius and were almost as deep as the ground. Where a small haystack had been, near a road, outside the burnt zone, the investigator found a dark burnt spot on the ground.

       Fortunately, the Kharkov section for anomalous phenomena knew about this UFO hovering on the following day. The first photographs of the ice traces were made by Dr. P. Kutnyuk, a biologist; mild frosts that followed enabled us to investigate this case.


Reference for the above text is: Anomalous Phenomena, published in Kharkov, Ukraine. Date of Publication: December 1990 (pg. 8). Translation by Vladimir Rubtsov.

With thanks to Dr. Richard Haines for the copies and permission to post to this site.

Note 1: Slight name error. Above shown as Anatoli Yevdokimovich Vorontsov, and below as A. E. Vorontsov




One of eight photographs received with Mr. Rubtsov's report. The individual pictured is one of Dr. Kutnyuk's helpers; the staff is a safety measure in case the ice should give way.

Photo by Dr. Kutnyuk.





Vladimir V. Rubtsov, Ph. D.


     Rubtsov is a MUFON Consultant in Philosophy and our Representative for Western U.S.S.R.


     On January 7, 1990, about 8:40 a.m., Mr. A. E. Vorontsov, a resident of the little town of Merefa, about 30 kilometers SSW of Kharkov, went by bicycle to the bank of the river Mzha to inspect his baited fishing tackle. When he was not far from the bank, he noticed a strange luminescence over the river. As the witness came nearer, he saw a "saucer," or rather a big top-shaped object with the diameter of its base approximately 25 meters, and the height, including its spire, about 5 - 6 meters. The object was situated on the ice or slightly above it in a small bay. The spire and the base of the object were greyish-blue, and its body—orange or rose-colored. The witness said it was "something like the color of the clouds in the sky at sunset." The base was pulsating "as if some balls were rolling around there."

     The witness observed the object in astonishment for, as he believes, about 10 minutes. Then the UFO suddenly took off vertically, to an altitude of some 30 meters, hovered for several seconds and then flew eastward. A big round piece of ice on the landing site sank into the water, then it rose again back to the surface.

     Thanks to a lucky chance, a member of the Kharkov regional UFO study group, Dr. Pyotr I. Kutnyuk, was advised about this case only one day later. He promptly took photos of the landing site, when the trace was clearly visible (photos 1-4, taken on January 8) and informed the group about the event. I was able to visit the site on January 13, when the ring was less distinct, but still quite visible (photos 5-8). A few days later the members of the group took samples of the ice from the site. A month ago we obtained, at last, the results of its chemical analysis. No peculiarities were found, except that in one sample there proved to be a slightly increased concentration of platinum (2.5 x 10-7 grammes per liter, versus some 0.5 x 10-7 in other samples).

     The diameter of the circle was 20.7 meters and the ring was one meter wide. It is worthy to note that on January 7 the ice was still rather thin due to a comparatively warm winter, and it was not until January 13 that it became thick enough to safely bear the weight of a man walking on ice. Thus, the traces could hardly have been hoaxed. The depth of water under the circle is about eight meters.

     The ring or rather the rings, as one will note on photos 2 and 3, were very regular and clearly outlined, as if made by a giant milling machine cutter. Three weeks after the dale of the event the rings were still visible, but when the ice melted this very interesting trace obviously vanished. (Date of report filing: June 5, 1991)


Reference for the above text is: MUFON UFO Journal, No. 281, p. 16, October 1991.


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Europe – Ukraine, Kharkivs’ka Oblast

Khar’kov           Latitude 50-00=00 N, Longitude 36-15-00 E (D-M-S) [Seat of 1st order adm. div.]

Mzha River        Latitude 49-40-28 N, Longitude 36-22-02 E

Merefa              Latitude 49-49-11 N, Longitude 36-03-07 E

Kolesniki           Four found. The following is the closet to the above coordinates.

                         Latitude 50-42-00 N, Longitude 32-22-00 E [Chernihivs’ka Oblast]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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