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But the phenomenon of a hole in a frozen lake is not something peculiar to Russia, since seven years after the Karelia events, on 1st April 1968, two fishermen found a 500 sq m hole in the 90 cm-thick ice on the Upprämen Lake in Sweden. The hole was perfectly triangular in shape and blocks of ice over 1 m in diameter were scattered over the ice a long way from the hole. Here too the authorities set up an en
quiry and divers were employed, since it was thought that some object or other had landed and caused the trouble. The divers were unsuccessful in finding such a thing though they did bring up the reddish skin or crust of some indeterminate material. In the ice on other lakes nearby several more triangular holes were seen, one of which was as big as the Uppräimen crater and another smaller. In the 21st April 1968 edition of the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter a meteorologist asked if the holes were not perhaps caused by a warm air-current bursting; this was naturally a theoretical question since, such a thing had never been known.

Reference for the above text is:UFO’s From Behind The Iron Curtain, by Ion Hobana and Julien Weverbergh, pp. 63-64, © 1972     


Swedish Lake Mystery         

       Malung, Sweden, April 4, --- Something “incredibly powerful” has smashed a huge hole through the ice covering a lake in central Sweden, but scientists and military experts are uncertain about what it was. 
       The hole, discovered yesterday near Malung by two villagers, is 700 square yards in extent and was made through ice almost 3ft. thick.   
       The Defence Ministry was notified of the discovery by the police and sent experts to examine the hole. Colonel Curt Hermansson, who is leading the investigation, said today that an aircraft crash was out of the question.          
       "'There are no traces round the hole, only big blocks of ice which have been thrown up, indicating that whatever went into the lake was incredibly powerful”, he said.

       Some experts think that the hole is too big to have been made by a meteorite. All the information so far gathered is being studied and the possibility of sending down divers is being considered."—Reuter.   

Reference for the above text is:The Times (London), April 5, 1968, p. 7, c. 3        

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Europe – Sweden       
Upprämen Lake   Latitude 60-21 N, Longitude 13-54 E (D-M) [lake]
Malung                Latitude 60-40 N, Longitude 13.44 E [populated place]
Reference: Sweden Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., February 1963.           

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