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03-LL-1959    Note: Professional English translation follows French text

See note regarding the date & Easter-CF-     


RAPPORT SUR L’ANNÉE 1959          

       1. — Après les fêtes de Pâques, mes amis reçurent la visite d'une de leurs relations, un agriculteur. Celui-ci avait entendu le récit d'un soldat en permission dans sa localité.

       Un jour du mois de mars, alors qu'avec quelques soldats il patrouillait non loin de la côte, aux alentours de Kolobreg, (sic) ses camarades et lui-même aperçurent soudain, à un certain endroit près du rivage, la mer qui commençait à s'agiter, à houler et jaillir. Tout de suite après, de la mer sortit un objet de forme triangulaire, avec des côtés de 4 mètres environ, et qui, devant les soldats médusés, s'éleva en l'air. Une fois dans l'air, l'astronef commença à tourner en rond au-dessus de la localité, plus précisément au-dessus du casernement de l'unité. Quelques instants après, il s'éloigna à une vitesse vertigineuse et disparut.

       On fit des recherches dans les alentours pendant 8 jours, et même une équipe de scaphandriers chercha dans l'eau, mais sans succès.

       Remarque : Il est difficile de prendre position vis-à-vis de cette information. L'agriculteur, personne âgée, avait déjà entendu parler des astronefs et était venu voir mes amis (qui méritent une confiance totale) pour savoir si la presse avait écrit quelque chose à ce sujet. Le récit du soldat paraît vraisemblable, d'autant plus que de pareils récits ont déjà été faits. Il est clair qu'il ne fut fait nulle part la moindre mention de cette affaire.    



       1. — After Easter some friends of mine received a visit from one of their relatives, a farmer. He had heard a story told by a soldier on leave in his town.

       One day in March, while he was patrolling with some other soldiers not far from the coast in the Kołobrzeg area, he and his colleagues suddenly noticed that at a certain point near the shore the sea was becoming choppy, swelling and spraying up. Immediately afterwards, a triangular object with sides about 4 meters long emerged from the sea and lifted into the air before the dumbfounded soldiers. Once in the air the spacecraft began to spin around above the town, more precisely above the unit’s barracks. A few moments later it moved away at a dizzying speed and disappeared.

       The area was searched for a week, and even a team of deep-sea divers searched the water, but without success.   

       Note: It is difficult to take a stance regarding this information. The farmer, an old man, had already heard about the spacecraft and came to see my friends (who are completely trustworthy) to find out if there was anything in the press on the subject. The soldier’s account seemed plausible, especially since similar stories had already been told. Evidently no mention of this event was made anywhere.                                                                                                                    

This reference: Le Courrier Interplanétaire, no. 56, September 1961   


(extract) Note: previous article in Official UFO Magazine referred to the year 1957, a case that happened in early June of 1957.

Then, two years later, came a more detailed report of a sighting at Kołobrzeg, just before Easter. Antoni W. Szachnowski, chairman of the Anglo-Polish UFO Research Club, made this report:

"The attention of coastguards and civilians was drawn to a spot where the sea became suddenly agitated. Then the waves in that stretch of water swelled, and above the surface shot a triangular object of from 13 to 17 feet in size. It rose up and swiftly encircled the nearest locality. Then it flew higher and finally rushed upwards, disappearing into space. Army units arrived to make an exhaustive search throughout the brushwood on the seashore. The next day a team of divers did the same in the water. What, if any, was the result, we do not know."                       

This reference: Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3, “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, pp. 38-41 & 52-56, © 1977     

Note: Regarding the date, Easter is the Sunday immediately after the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21. In 1959 Easter occurred on the 29th of March.

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Europe – Poland, Kosalin – Body of water is the Baltic Sea.

Kołobrzeg – Latitude 54-10-60 N, Longitude 15-34-60 E (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 54.16 N, Longitude 15.58 E (D.%)  


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