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The ship’s history  mentions visits to Spain in 1966, 1972, and 1982. Since  the original source for this account was a newspaper article dated November 17,  1981, we can eliminate 1982 as the date of the sighting for this case.

Navy veteran saw UFOs over Atlantic

   In reference to Robert Kantar's letter (Monitor, Thurs., Nov 5), I would like to comment on my own experiences. I have been interested in UFO's for four years. I've read numerous books and articles on the subject and I believe that UFO's exist.
   I was recently discharged from the United States Navy. As a Radar Operator, I spent quite a few hours on the bridge of my ship, the USS Belknap [DLG/CG-26]. My job was to relay information from the radar room to the officer of the deck. I also had communications with three lookouts via sound-powered phones. One night while crossing the Atlantic en route to Spain, a lookout reported four planes in formation moving at incredible speeds. I reported his sightings to the officer on watch and stepped outside to see if I could spot the objects. They came to a halt almost directly over the ship and hovered for 30-45 seconds. All of a sudden they bolted in a northerly direction in a blast of orange, reddish light. They were out of sight in 2-4 seconds, moving faster than anything I'd ever seen.
   I understand both sides of this controversy, but can we be so naive as to say we are the only intelligent life forms in the galaxy? Let's be realistic. There are supposedly a billion, billion planets in our galaxy. Even if only one millionth had any life forms, that still leaves a few thousand planets that could inhabit intelligent life. 
   I sincerely hope that these UFO's contact us. Maybe they could show us ways to recycle we didn't know were possible. I hope I'm alive to see the day when travel in space is like traveling across the country now. Our future lies in space and I think our space program should be one of the nation’s prime concerns. I think Mr. Xxxxxx [unreadable] deserves full credit for coming forward with his findings.


Reference for the above text is: MUFON UFO Journal, #170, April 1982, p. 15.
Original  source: Concord (NH) Monitor,  November 17, 1981.


Location: crossing the Atlantic en route to Spain       


1972 – 6th Fleet ops continue including numerous ASW exercises and a missile firing and National Week XII, port visits included Greece, Italy, and Spain. Departed for Norfolk 9 March for 7-month overhaul at NNSY, Post repair trials and ASW tests (SHAREM XIII) in Nov and Dec.
Reference: http://www.ussbelknap.com/news/belcapsulehist.html    



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