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                                                                        Royal Australian Air [Force?]


   5/1/Air(1A)                                                    Tasmanian Squadron

                                                                        Air Training Corps

                                                                        8 Fitzroy Place


                                                                        21'st January 1959     

   Headquarters Training Command


   Albert Park Barracks

   Melbourne   S.C. 3   


RISDON. Hobart. 8TH JANUARY 1959   

   1.                     The attached statement giving details of sightings of unidentified
   aerial objects at RISDON, Hobart on the 8th January 1959 by Messrs NEWTON and
   SHAW was received from the Department of Civil
Aviation, Hobart, on the 16th
   January 1959. Prior
to passing the statement to this Headquarters the Officer in
   Charge of the Department satisfied  himself  that there were no local civil aircraft
   movements or meteorological conditions which could be associated with the

   2.                    On the 20th January Messrs NEWTON and SHAW were interviewed by the
   writer. Both men
are staff electrical engineers with the State Hydro-Electricity
   Commission and give the impression of being vary mature and stable individuals.
   When asked to give verbal accounts of the sightings each did so with confidence
   and certainty. In each case the verbal account was in exact conformity with
   their written

   3.                   Both men were wearing sunglasses at the time of the sightings and
   were therefore able to visually follow the course of the
second flashing object
   to the terminal point near to the sun’s disc and to make their sightings of the
   black "skittle shaped" object which appeared to come from
the flashing object.    

   4.      SHAW is an ex-aircrew navigator and is 34 years of age. NEWTON is 30 [years?]
   of age.         

   5.                    The writer is of the opinion that actual and definite sightings were
   made by SHAW and NEWTON and
that the matter deserves further investigation.


                                                                                    (G.L. WALLER)

                                                                                    Squadron Leader

                                                                                    Commanding Officer    

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             Account of Sighting of unidentified Flying Objects at Risdon,

             Tasmania on Thursday, January 8th, 1959, by W. L. Newton, 10

             Mc Guinness Crescent, Lenah Valley, and A. D. Shaw, 4 Brooker

             Avenue, Moonah.       

            At 9.00 a.m. on 8/1/59 Newton and Shaw left the Hydro-Electric

   Commission’s Moonah Offices for Risdon with the object of planning alterations

   to a high voltage underground [cable –handwritten insertion –CF-] terminal structure situated

   in Risdon Rd., on the

   perimeter of the works of the Electrolytic Zinc Company of A/Asia Ltd.

            About 9.20 a.m. Shaw, who was looking up at the top of the structure

   casually drew Newton’s attention to what appeared to be a piece of newspaper

   caught in an updraught and high in the air over the E.Z. Company’s property.

   Its altitude would be about 1000 ft and both men watched it gradually float to

   earth. When it was about 200 ft from the ground it accelerated to a high speed

   and disappeared between two buildings in the E.Z. Company's Workshops area about

   one quarter of a mile away. It would have been about 30 ft. from the ground

   travelling about 60 M.P.H. and possibly 9 ft. long when it disappeared.

   It had the appearance of a pure white linen sheet and was quite flexible. (A

   subsequent intensive search in the area 2 ½ hours later revealed nothing which

   could account for the phenomenon.)

            As the object was nearly to the ground, Newton sighted a similar object

   and both Shaw and Newton watched  this  disappear rapidly in a downward direction

   in an area between  the E.Z. Company’s Administration block and the wharf several

   seconds after the disappearance of the first object.

            Whilst conjecturing on the nature of these objects and whilst still

   looking to the North West after the disappearance of the second object, Shaw

   drew Newton's attention to a high flying object which  moved at tremendous speed

   in a Northerly direction disappearing behind  Mount Direction (Altitude 1469 ft).

   This object was small, flashing brilliantly with an intense white light with a

   frequency of about 1500 cycles per minute and appeared to be at an altitude of at

   least several thousand feet. This sighting lasted about one second during which

   the object travelled through about twenty degrees of the compass.

            Both men then looked back along the course of the flashing object and
   immediately noticed a similar object slowly describing a large clockwise circular

   figure slightly to the North East of the zenith and over the Derwent River. After

   one complete circuit it began to hover and move on. It did this several times

   until it was close to the sun when it became stationary though still flashing in

   a similar manner to the other object described in the preceding paragraph and at

   a similar altitude. Suddenly two jet black elongated objects appeared slightly

   to the North of the object and began to float downwards towards the river.         

            To make the most of the sighting it was agreed that Newton would give

   his attention to one of the black objects and Shaw would watch what was assumed

   to be the parent body. The black object floated downward and began to have the

   appearance of an inverted skittle with a ball attached to the end of the handle.

   Its descent was leisurely and the ‘skittle’ rotated slowly about the ball which

   was leading. It could have been from 3 to 6 ft. long and may possibly have

   reduced its dimensions as it neared the surface of the river. When about 100 ft.  


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Note: Text in red is missing from the furnished document. – CF-        


   from the surface of the river its descent was arrested and it begxxxx

   horizontally in a Southerly direction for about 100 ft when it agxxx [again] xxxcendxx


   vertically and entered the water about 1800 ft distant without any apparent

   disturbance. However two sea gulls which were flying slowly upstream in the

   vicinity dived sharply to the surface where the object disappeared but wheeled

   slowly and made off. The time was now 9.45 a.m.

            During this time the parent body was in the one position but slowly
   decreasing in size until it disappeared about the same time as the black obj
   hit the water. Its brilliance was undiminished in intensity and was cas
   even though it was very close to the sun’s disc. The weather at the t
   pleasant and sunny with a near cloudless sky and a light Southerly dr
   air from the river.     

                                                                        Signature  Electxxxx

                                                                        (W. L. Newton)           

                                                                        Signature  Electricaxxxx

                                                                        (A. D. Shaw)    


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With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/ for locating the text.        

UFOCAT PRN –113385

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                                                I believe this is a reference to CUFOS’s Journal IUR

                                                (International UFO Reporter). –CF-

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Australia - Tasmania

Risdon              Latitude 42-47-60 S, Longitude 147-19-60 E (D-M-S)

Hobart             Latitude 42-55-00 S, Longitude 147-19-60 E

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            

Derwent River – Passes between Risdon and Hobart.           

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 42.80 S, Longitude 147.33 E (D.%) 


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