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#867 - 1959 - Night

Lake Gualletué (Malleco, Chile)

Dr. Claudio Crocquevielle and a friend were fishing in Lake Gualletué when they saw a luminous object which was approaching circuitously. It passed by them within 30-40 cm of the witnesses, who threw themselves into the water in fear and hid among the plants for about an hour. The object, 2-3 m [in] diam., was flying in circles, rising and falling rapidly until moving away and stopping to hover for a while in the distance. The shape could not be made out because of its brilliance. A photograph appears to have been taken.

(Heiden - Petrowitsch - Letter from witness to UFO Chile)                                                      

This reference: Peter Rogerson's INTCAT case 867 was published in part 20, i.e. in John Rimmer's MUFOB [Metempirical UFO Bulletin], news series No. 15 [whole No. 49], dated summer 1979.

With many thanks to Mr. Edoardo Russo for his steadfast determination in finding the text for this case.-CF-  

UFOCAT PRN - 83646

UFOCAT URN – NONE    Letter (date not available currently) that the witness allegedly wrote to
                                        UFO Chile (published between 1967 and 1969)

UFOCAT URN – NONE    John Rimmer's MUFOB [Metempirical UFO Bulletin], news series No. 15

                                        [whole No. 49], dated summer 1979

UFOCAT URN – 083646 Las evidencias del fenómeno OVNI by Roberto E. Banchs, © 1976 *

UFOCAT URN – 119605 World-Wide Catalog of Type 1 Reports, #0867 by Peter Rogerson,

                                        no © date   

*Note from Italy’s CISU researcher, Edoardo Russo:

        “The funny news is that Banchs' book is not quoted, but we now have the primary source, at last, since that note means the story came to Rogerson from [US ufologist] Richard Heiden, who had it from [Chilean pioneer ufologist] Pablo Petrowitsch, quoting from a letter the witness allegedly wrote to UFO Chile. Since UFO Chile was a small newsletter (published in 1967-69), you may hope that the letter was published there [that would explain how Banchs would have got the story, though I could not find it in my second edition copy of his book]. It comes about that one of the rare collections of that newsletter still available is precisely in CISU headquarters, but unfortunately I read that text only after returning home, so please wait till my next passage at our headquarters.”         

*** Then***

“Last Thursday I was there and got the whole, small collection (six issues numbered from 1 to 6/7) and I read it through, but found nothing: that case was not published in that bulletin.”

South America – Chile, Malleco, Región de la Araucanía

Lake Gualletué - Latitude 38-42 S, Longitude 71-16 W (D-M) [Lago &  Laguna]
Malleco             - Latitude 38-10 S, Longitude 72-20 W [Provincia de Malleco – Administration]

Reference: Chile Gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1967        

Map data: Title - Distribución de la población urbana y rural, Chile. Organización de

los Estados Americanos. Year: 1969. Corp. Author(s): Organization of American

States. Publication: Washington, D.C.          


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