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08-07~08-2009         ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOLLOWS ITALIAN TEXT           

VENERDÌ 7 AGOSTO 2009 (24:00) LATINA (LT)   

Salve mi chiamo xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Tra la notte del 07 agosto e la mattina dell'08, a mezzanotte circa, abbiamo avvistato una palla di fuoco arancione, che sembrava avvicinarsi a noi... dopo qualche secondo la palla è diventata bianca ed ha iniziato a fluttuare, atterrando qualche secondo dopo sull'acqua, con una luce verde lampeggiante che appariva poco prima dell'atterraggio. ...una volta atterrata, ha iniziato a muoversi, nonostante il mare quella sera fosse molto calmo...si è mosso per circa 100 metri molto velocemente, dopo di che si è fermato, e dp [sic - dopo] mezz'ora si è mosso dall'altra parte (quindi da ciò si deduce che non era mosso dalla corrente)... era piuttosto lontano, quindi non sono riuscito ad avvicinarmi. ...Cosa potrebbe essere?          

Vi ringrazio anticipatamente.   

FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2009 (24:00), LATINA (LT)  

Hello, my name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Between the night of August 7 and the morning of the 8th, around midnight, we saw an orange fireball that seemed to be coming closer to us… after a few seconds, the ball turned white and began to fluctuate, landing a few seconds later on the water, with a flashing green light that appeared just before landing. …once landed, it began to move although the sea was very calm that night…it moved very quickly for about 100 meters after which it stopped, and after half an hour it moved in the other direction (so this suggests that it was not moved by the current)…it was quite far away, so I was not able to get close. …What could it be?     

I thank you in advance.           

Reference for the above text is: E-mail to me (CF) on October 10, 2009, from Marco Bianchini from the Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU).           
Original source: Communication to
Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN) [(Italian) National UFO Center] on August 12, 2009.  


Europe – Italy, Lazio. Body of water is the Tyrrhenian Sea.     
Latina   Latitude 41-28-00 N, Longitude 012-52-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place – formerly Littoria]   
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

Latina was founded in 1932 by Benito Mussolini as Littoria when the area surrounding it, which had been a swamp since antiquity, was drained. In 1934 it became a provincial capital and, after World War II, renamed Latina in 1946.           

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