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1950 ~ 1959   

CISU Case: 003           
Location: Pietra Ligure (SV)     
Category: C) Objects that come out of the water (it does not matter if they subsequently go back into the water)
Evaluation: Insufficient information    
Original Source: Lettera di M. Orlandi del 24/06/1995.

Sighting Description: Un pilota militare, intervistato dall’ufologo Marco Orlandi, in merito ad un oggetto osservato in volo, raccontò di essere stato testimone, negli anni ’50, quando era bambino, di un'altra osservazione. Vide un oggetto lampeggiante bianco rosso e verde che uscì dal mare, dirigendosi prima ad est e poi ad ovest; successivamente si fermò in aria e schizzò via. Dell’avvistamento, ricorda, furono testimoni almeno tremila persone ed uscirono numerosi articoli nella stampa locale.          

Sighting Description: A military pilot, interviewed by the ufologist Marco Orlandi about an object observed in the air, said that he witnessed another sighting in the Fifties when he was a child. He saw an object flashing white, red, and green that came out of the sea, heading to the east first and then to the west; later it stopped in the air and darted away. Of the sighting, he recalls at least three thousand people witnessed it, and there were several articles published in the local newspapers.         

Reference for the above text is: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU), © 1996 by Marco Bianchini. http://www.cisu.org/   


Europe – Italy, Savona. Body of water is the Ligurian Sea.
Pietra Ligure   Latitude 44-09-00 N, Longitude 008-17-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place]         
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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