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Woman’s Strange Report

Mackay. February 3.

   A woman residing (?) at Ilbilbie reported having seen an aeroplane tremble (?) and take a nose dive, probably in the sea.     
   The report is being investigated, but no plane is reported missing.           
   Ilbilbia is a coastal settlement 40 (?) miles south of Mackay, and the woman, Mrs. Daley, said the incident occurred to [a] plane traveling south about noon today. No plane which left MacKay for the south to-day is missing.

Reference for the above text is: E-mail from Chris Aubeck to me (CF) dated March 17, 2013        
Original Reference is: The Northern Miner (Charter Towers, Qld,), of 04 February1939, p. 2    

UFOCAT – NONE        

Australia – Queensland. Body of water is the Barrier reef        
Ilbilbie     Latitude 21-42-00 S, Longitude 149-21-00 E [populated place]      
MacKay   Latitude 21-09-12 S, Longitude 149-09-56 E [populated place]       
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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