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Source: Loren Gross: The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse: UFOs: A History, 1957, November 6th   

Pages 79-81    

   6 November, Montville, Ohio. (about 11:00)           

   “The landing.” The Olden Moore story.        

   Olden Moore spend
[sic – spent] the day in Painesville. Late that evening he left town and headed for home ten miles to the south. Everyone was talking about seeing flying saucers but Moore thought anyone who reported such visions should be under a doctor’s care.         `

   Speeding along, Moore approached the intersection of Route 86 and Hart Road just outside Montville, Ohio. Up ahead in the night sky was a brilliant point of light traveling fast. Moore’s first thought was that he was seeing a meteor. With tremendous speed the light dropped lower and lower and rapidly grew in size.           


   “…it split into two pieces. One part went straight upward. The part that remained seemed brighter than ever and kept getting bigger. When it got to be about the size of a sheet of paper [8X11”?], I pulled the car into a side road and got out.” (96.)

   To correct some bad reporting, Moore turned off the engine himself. The car did not stall.          

   The “thing” seemed to be heading straight toward Moore. Said Moore: “The color changed, as it approached, from bright white to a green haze, and then to blue-green…” (97.)            

   The thing abruptly stopped and hovered 200 feet above a 20 acre parcel of land owned by a farmer named Ernest Mausling. The property bordered the intersection of Route 86 and Hart Road. The thing lower
[sic-lowered] itself slowly to the ground. Nothing could be heard by Moore during this maneuver except for a whirring sound. The landing site waws [sic-was] about 500 feet from where he was standing. Moore stated: “I stood by the car watching the thing for some 15 minutes before I decided to walk toward it…I wasn’t afraid at the time.” (98.)        

   The Mausling farmhouse was even closer to the “landing” than Moore (about 300 feet). The residents, questioned later, slept through everything. (99.)  

   Mrs. Wenzel and her car.     

   A half mile (another account says four miles) from the “landing site,” was the Leroy Wenzel farm on Route 528 just north of the Route 86 intersection. Mrs. Mildred Wenzel had parked her car in the driveway the evening of November 6th. Having done so, she went indoors and settled down to watch television.           

   She found that every channel was blurred. Disappointed, she went to bed. (100.)            

   Moore again.           

   Returning to Moore, we find he had something to say about the UFO’s appearance. He said the thing looked to be:            

   “…about 50 feet in diameter, disc-like about 15 feet thick with a cone on top making the overall height between 20 and 30 feet.    

   “It was surrounded by a blue-green haze, like a fog, mostly green. And the color pulsated slowly, alternating between bright and dim.        

   “If you recall, the moon was especially bright that night, and it was the moonlight that made it possible to distinguish the object itself from the haze.    

   “When the haze was dim, whatever the thing was made of looked the same as those mirrored sun glasses—the kind where the outside of the glasses look like mirrors, and you cannot see the wearer’s eyes. I didn’t see any windows.” (101.)         

   Moore walked toward the object, approaching within 200 feet. He said the thing:
   “…appeared to be standing on legs of some kind, as he could see underneath and all around it. It was very bright and phosphorescent like a radium luminous watch dial in color. There were no windows that he could notice.” (102.) Moore stopped his approach and glanced around. He wanted other witnesses but no one was in sight. Moore made up his mind to continue his trip home which was only six miles away. When he reached his house he grabbed his wife and took her to the “landing site.” (103.)  

   Mrs. Moore later told the press:      

   “When he asked me to leave the house, all I could think of was worrying about leaving the four children alone asleep, at that time of night,” said Mrs. Moore.          

   “But he was so excited that I agreed to go. He described what had happened while we were on the way. When we got there, there was nothing.” (104.)

   The press story on this states further: “The couple returned home, and Moore instructed his wife to say nothing of the incident to anyone.” (105.)           


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North America – United States, Ohio, Geauga 
Montville   Latitude 41-36-26 N, Longitude 081-03-01 W (D-M-S) [populated place]  
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

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