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By Emilia Popik
(Edited by Richard Hall)

(Investigated and reported by Emilia Popik, an editor in Gdansk, Poland, and now MUFON Representative for Poland.)           

   The witnesses, Miroslaw Goralski and Krzysztof Kobus of Sztum, Poland, contacted Ms. Popik on September 21, aware of some articles she had written about UFOs. She put them in two separate rooms and interrogated them separately.      
   On the previous day Goralski had asked his friend Kobus to help him spade his garden, and they finished about 9:00 p.m. Goralski went to a water tap to rinse off the shovels and Kobus had entered the summer house and lit a cigarette. Goralski suddenly spotted a silver delta-shaped thing that seemed about to crash and explode, so he yelled to his friend and dropped to the ground, covering his head with a shovel. Kobus heard the yell and came out to see what was happening. Above the flower bed within the fenced garden plot, he saw a "ring" with thick white "flames" around it, like a dense light, except that the sky and clouds were visible through it. Goralski was lying on the ground. The ring was slowly descending.         
   Goralski, looking from a different angle, saw it as an object like "two silver deltas connected by a cross."

[Small sketch of cross]

   Both men experienced a squeaking or "high frequency" sound in their heads; Goralski termed the sound "unbearable." Together, they walked closer to investigate. They suddenly found themselves engulfed by a dense, white "fog" and illuminated by bright light. Goralski had been carrying a shovel, but now he noticed that it was gone. They described their next impressions separately.    
   Kobus: Feeling "totally petrified," he propped himself against one of three prism-like objects; it was soft and comfortable like an armchair. He noticed that Goralski's face was distorted and his knees bent, as if he were experiencing gravity effects.   
   Goralski: Feeling euphoric rather than frightened, he felt a force pressing on him and briefly had the impression of an elevator going up at high speed. Then it stopped. He began asking questions of what he supposed were unseen entities, but there was no answer. Each time the sound ceased for a moment. When he asked what they knew about integrated circuits or transistors, there was an answer: "Nothing." "What is matter?" he persisted. An answer came: "The most important attribute of matter is its ability to pervade through other matter."      
   Kobus: Still seated in the "armchair," he saw a flood of colors — red, black, blue, yellow — then after changing to gray, the display stopped. His head was like a computer; thoughts and ideas were flowing into his brain as if from an external source. He saw Goralski turn and lean out of the "fog" at a steep angle, as if leaning out a window watching something. When he looked down at his "armchair" again, it was gone. He was sitting on nothing, but he did not fall. He, too, began asking questions and experienced a visual display like a time channel, with people in costumes of bygone days.  
   Goralski: When he leaned over, he found himself looking down on his town, with a clear view of familiar lakes, the main street and lights along it. Then he was abruptly deposited back in his garden, falling or jumping from a height of about 30 cm. Kobus felt as if a chair had been pulled out from under him, and he fell on his bottom and rolled onto his back in the garden.     
   Nothing looked different in the garden. The summer house was open, and the missing shovel was lying on the ground. Goralski ran home, arriving about 9:30 p.m., and searched for the key to the garden gate and cottage; if it were there, it would mean the events were unreal. But the key was still in the cottage door back in the garden. The two men, perplexed, stayed at the cottage talking until early the following morning. When they tried to tell their friends what had happened, they were laughed at. So they decided to contact Ms. Popik.    
   After thorough interrogation, Ms. Popik arranged for psychological testing at the local university on March 1 and 2. Only Kobus showed up, and he underwent several hours of tests by an eminent psychologist who devised special tests for the occasion. A final report is pending. Earlier, soon after the event, both men had taken standard psychological tests, which revealed normal personalities with no inclination to lie.    

Emilia Popik is an editor in Gdansk, Poland. Her interests include Biblical exegesis, myths, and parapsychology.           

Reference for the above text is: MUFON UFO Journal, #150, August 1980, p. 16.

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Euope – Poland, Pomorskie    
Sztum   Latitude 53-55-13 N, Longitude 019-01-52 E (D-M-S) [populated place]       
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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