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Location: Butzbach, Hessen, Germany           
Date: March 23, 1980     Time: 0320A          

The innkeeper of a local forest lodge was awakened late at night by the incessant barking of the dogs. When he opened the door, two men wearing silvery suits stood before him; they then asked the witness in perfect German for a glass of water. The witness noticed that their facial features were almost identical to each other. Both had slightly tanned skin, dark hair, and were bareheaded. He then accompanied both men to the dining room and asked them to wait by the counter as he got a bottle of mineral water. As he looked for the water, he heard the two strangers speaking in an unknown language. The men then drank the water, thank[ed] the innkeeper, and then promised to return in four months. The witness then watched the men walk across the yard of the lodge toward a nearby field. There he could see a very large flat object that shone with a dazzling light. This shocked him so much that he ran to the phone and called the police. When he went back to the door, he observed as the disc-shaped object lifted vertically emitting a slight humming sound and shot away at tremendous speed. When the police arrived the object had already gone, but found the man to be absolutely sober and nervous.   

HC addition # 206       
Source: Ulrich Magin, and UFOs over Germany, Michael Hesemann, 1997       

Reference for the above text is: Albert Rosales’s CD: Humanoid Reports 1980.
Retrieved from Albert Rosales’s disc June 23, 2012.  


Europe – Germany, Hessen    
Butzbach Latitude 50-26-00 N, Longitude 008-41-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place]   
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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