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30 March 1976 08:00
Ascoli Piceno , Italy


Nautical UFO. Brilliant oblong object rose from sea, flew away in few seconds.

An object was observed. It moved with a falling-leaf motion. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One oblong object was observed on the ocean for a few minutes.


Reference for the above text: Website:Ufodna.com: http://thecid.com/ufo/uf11/uf7/117292.htm


UFOCAT PRN – 125214

UFOCAT URN – 125214 Lumières dans la nuit, May 1976

UFOCAT URN – 175307 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, #12211, ©2002


Europe – Italy, Marche. Body of water is the Adriatic Sea.

Ascoli Piceno   Latitude 42-51-00 N, Longitude 013-34-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/

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