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Date of Sighting: January 7, 2000        
Primary Witness: James Gilliland and others (un-named)   
Location: Trout Lake, Washington        
Time: At approximately 10:00 P.M. PST

ABSTRACT: The eyewitness (James) reported that he had at first felt what could be described as a "heaviness in the air" preceeding
[sic] the observation of a "string of lights" in the area. The UFO was observed directly over Rick's house prior to the discovery of the "snow circle" the next A.M. The witness said that his sighting was verified by others, following his initial observation of a string of flashing(?) lights. There wasn't any distinct shape nor solidity to this UFO. Actual identification of same was hampered due to the snowfall in this mountainous valley region adjoining Mt. Adams, Washington.       

CONCLUSION: As is often the case in reports like this one, cooberation
[sic] between eyewitnesses was not hard to obtain, but difficult to link this event to the formation of snow circle (below). Insufficient evidence available at this time.      

Investigator Montgomery     
Incident Report dated January 16, 1999.
[Probable typo – should be 2000]     

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Location: Trout Lake, Washington        
Date of Discovery: Snow Circle: January 8, 2000 
Eyewitness: Rick Bryant        
Time: approximately 8:30 A.M. PST      
Date of Investigation: January 15, 2000              
Investigator: Montgomery    

ABSTRACT: I received word from an email posted to our [uforce] CORE newsgroup on the 13th of January, 2000. Witnesses claim sighting an unidentified string of lights in the night sky. A round, circular area was found the next morning in the back yard of one of the neighbors. This circular area was videotaped using a high-tech infrared camera and digital videotape recorder. Investigator Montgomery was dispatched to investigate the initial report and to examine the evidence.          `

THE E-MAIL: Here is a portion of the e-mail
announcing the discovery of the snow circle. It was received from our CORE newsgroup member, author James Gilliland. It is presented here midstream, with portions of the news group post from Gilliland deleted.   

If they landed in your back yard you would discount it. Of course this will not happen because a major shift in attitude must occur first. They have in ours. Left a wonderful snow circle which has been videotaped. Before you start, they did it to a neighbor as well who videotaped it. They are a half mile away and there is waist deep snow. They saw the ships that night as well when I told them they were present. Skeptics do not want proof; they want to remain skeptics and God just says as you wish. Bottom line is will you end the assumptions and accusations when the February issue comes forward? We have enough proof to choke an elephant. Enough witnesses to provide overwhelming proof that would stand up in any court of law. The ball is in your court now. I believe the serve is what you would call an ace. Smile -- James Gilliland, Self-Mastery Earth Institute, PO Box 281, Hood River, Oregon 97031, (509) 395-2092, http://www.cazekiel.org

 When I arrived, arraingements [sic] were made to do a cursory examination of the snow circle by examining the videotape, interviewing eyewitnesses and documenting data. This circle was initially discovered on January 8th. This circle was found by a person living in a home who lived 1/2 mile away from James Gilliland Ranch, an area frequently reported to be a known UFO hot spot.            

The eyewitness said that he felt prompted to look out the back yard. This was on the morning of January 8th. Rick had said that this discovery was videotaped shortly after its discovery. I inquired as to the possibility of examining this circular area. Witness indicated that it was buried under two feet of snow. He had marked the area by placing a garden hose around the perimeter of the circular patch. This was a favorable action, as it would mark the area for later forensic examination.

This "snow circle" was only accessible by treking
[sic] through snow for approximately 1/2 mile. After much deliberation, I had decided not to disturb the circular area until it had melted to the point where collection of soil and sod samples was possible.     

Rather than disrupt the snow pack, I had asked the eyewitness to keep an eye on it, requesting that he:

  • keep notes on how the snow had melted;
  • to note anything unusual about its appearance during this time;
  • to contact the center, informing us once specimen collection was possible.

He indicated that he had the necessary contact information and that he would contact the UFO Resource Center as requested.      

The neighbor brought the videotape over to James’ house, whence I and 4 other people watched it approximately 10 times in various modes. We viewed the tape in the near infrared scans as well and deliberated on analysis of the video evidence. I would like to indicate that there seemed to be some distruption [sic] in the television picture in the area above the circular patch, but was not certain about this hypothesis.

NOTES: I have noted that certain videotapes of UFO debris, which I have examined, show signs of altered EM
[electromagnetic] emissions involving specific areas of same. I shall elaborate on this observation.            

The evidence suggests that there does seem to be some indication that a portion of the UFO evidence, viewed on a television screen, presents disruptions within the EM field itself; at what point during its projection of said image is in question, whether within the vacuum tube itself, or when displayed on the television picture I cannot say; this evidence is speculative at best, and highly subjective in nature. I am awaiting further resarch
[sic] and analysis of this observation before I can formulate a hypothetical experiment to proove/disproove [sic] the validity of this observation.            

CIRCLE DESCRIPTION: This possible UFO nest was best desribed
[sic] as a clearing in the snow. The snow was 1-1/2 to 2 inches deep outside and surrounding the circular clearing. From what I could see on the tape, the snow was melting and the sod in the circular patch was saturated with water. There was not any visible snow within the circle itself.  

EYEWITNESS DISRUPTION OF EVIDENCE: Eyewitness had stated that James was contacted regarding the circular formation in the snow. Not having a background in forensic on-site UFO investigations, eyewitnesses had entered the circle; it was not uncommon for eyewitnesses to disrupt evidence in this manner. Of course, it is understood that they did not know protocal
[sic] nor prodecure [sic] regarding forensics and investigation of potential UFO landing sites. UFORCE would have dictated procedures involved in the collection and continuity of evidence there, as well as potential exposure to unknown and potentially hazardous material(s).          

The resulting information gathered from this form of examination was crude but nonetheless interesting. Eyewitness had instructed the group to enter the perimeter of the circle. One person in the group (James) had asked them to place their hands over its surface, palms down. He then asked them what they had felt. It was reported that they had all felt a sensation of heat coming from the surface of the ground within the circle.   

One fundamental question that I had to ask was whether this circular patch was over a septic system. The witness said "no" and indicated that other people had asked him the same question.           

CONCLUSIONS: After reviewing the videotape on Saturday, January 15, 2000, I came to the conclusion that further review and study of the evidence was needed before a conclusion could be reached regarding this matter. We shall post additional data as it is forthcoming.        

Reference for the above text is: Website:


North America – United States, Washington, Klickitat 
Trout Lake   Latitude 45-59-50 N, Longitude 121-31-41 W (D-M-S) [populated place]
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

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