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   Consternation has been caused in the district of Inishowen by an extraordinary visitation, which, according to our Derry correspondent, was in the form of a moving body believed to be of meteoric origin and to be in some way connected with the appearance of Halley’s Comet1. Coastguards express the opinion that the "thing" was a derelict dirigible balloon, but the fisher folk hold that it was a “celestial visitant.

   The accounts given to our correspondent by witnesses of the phenomenon set ???, that on Friday evening last [6th] at seven o’ clock a number of fishermen were sowing their crops on Doagh Island, six miles south of Malin Head, when they observed what they thought was a foreign steamer coloured blueish-grey coming from the North Atlantic. This strange craft—as they believed she was—moved with great speed towards the mainland and headed for a point about a quarter of a mile away from the watchers.

   Fearing a wreck the fishermen ran towards the spot, but (continues the story) to their amazement they saw the object float in over the land. It moved with a dipping motion, at an average of about 20 feet above sea level.

   They describe the object as being in the form of a torpedo boat, but larger, broader, and carrying with it a steam-like vapour, which prevented detection of exact shape.

   It took a south-easterly course passing the hamlet of Leggacurry [sic-Lagacurry], where its appearance startled several people. As it passed over the beach, where there were a number of boats drawn up, an explosive noise was heard. Three boats were afterwards found smashed. From one of them two men had landed only a few minutes before.

   Four miles further on in Malin town direction, another explosion was heard, and steam was seen where cattle was [sic-were] grazing. One of the animals was, later, found badly injured. The object continuing its course passed once more out and over the ocean at Culdaff Bay, thus having traversed a tongue of land about ten miles in breadth


Reference for the above text is: Newspaper: Irish Independent, p. 7, dated May 11, 1910.

With thanks to Ole Jonny Brænne for the e-mail dated March 12, 2012, with three news clips on this case, which also included the 06-18-1910 Butte Independent, page 6, and the 05-11-1910 Freemans Journal, page 8.


Note 1: May 19, 1910: Halley’s Comet Brushes Earth With Its Tail:





Europe – Ireland, Donegal. Body of water is the Atlantic Ocean.

Inishowen     Latitude 55-12-00 N, Longitude 007-20-00 W (D-M-S) [peninsula]

Derry           Three populated places, and no indication of which would fit

Doagh Isle    Latitude 55-18-00 N, Longitude 007-21-00 W [peninsula]

Malin Head    Latitude 55-22-36 N, Longitude 007-23-33 W [headland]

Lagacurry     Latitude 55-18-36 N, Longitude 007-20-23 W [populated place]

Malin town    Latitude 55-18-00 N, Longitude 007-16-00 W [populated place]

Culdaff Bay   Latitude 55-18-00 N, Longitude 007-08-00 W [bay]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/

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