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Note: Another version of this case (my case #275), which I had found earlier, is posted with the date 11-??-1980. However, I am much more confident in this version by Bob Pratt since he personally investigated this case on-site.


The Concert Pianist and the ‘Rat-Men’


     Life hit a sour note for an international concert pianist one night as she was driving along the Atlantic coast north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A close encounter left her badly frightened and puzzled at first but horrified weeks later when she learned she had been abducted by rat-like beings.

     The pianist was Luli Oswald, who performed for many years in South America, Europe and the United States. None of her worldly experiences prepared her for what happened the night of October 15, 1979.

     She comes from a family of musicians and her grandfather was Henrique Oswald, a famous Brazilian composer and conductor. She began playing piano at the age of two and gave her first concert at the age of three and a half.

     She has lived in Rio, Buenos Aires and Florence, Italy, and the United States. She gave concerts in Texas and Miami under the name of Luli de Frietas, Oswald being an unpopular name after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

     At the time of the encounter, Luli was fifty-four. She had retired five years earlier but planned to resume performing. She had seven children and several grandchildren.

     With her that night was a twenty-four-year-old neighbor who was a friend of her children. He did not want his name used. We will call him FX.

     One of Luli’s daughters lived in Saquarema, a small resort town on the coast about sixty miles north [sic-east] of Rio de Janeiro. FX had visited the daughter that day and on returning home discovered he had left his driver’s license and other documents in Saquarema.

     When he decided to return to Saquarema to get the documents, Luli offered to go with him because she had to take some things to her daughter.

     With FX driving, they left Rio about nine in the evening, crossed Guanabara Bay bridge into the city of Niterói and went north out of Niterói. A paved highway runs inland to Saquarema (say Sock-ruh-RAY-muh) and beyond, but they chose to take a dirt road that runs close to the ocean much of the way. This is in mountainous terrain and the road has many hills, twists and turns. It had been raining earlier and the road was muddy.

     Thirty miles or so north of Niterói, they were nearing the village of Ponta Negra when Luli spotted unusual lights out over the ocean.




      “I told (FX) it was a UFO but he didn't believe me until he saw the lights moving himself,” Luli said. “Then the engine quit and (FX) checked under the hood. As he was doing that, the headlights started going off and on and he asked me to stop fooling around — but I thought he was doing it!”

     Just as mysteriously, the car started again, so they drove on toward Saquarema.

     "I looked back and the lights were there again,” Luli said. “And even though it was a dark night and there was no moon, the beach seemed [to] be lit up all the way to Saquarema.”

     A short time later they arrived at her daughter’s house. They told her what they had seen but all three joked about it.

     Because of the hour, Luli and FX stayed only a short while, and between ten-thirty and eleven they began the drive back home. They intended to take the highway back but somehow missed a turn and wound up on the dirt road again.

     About thirteen miles south of Saquarema, as they again neared Ponta Negra, they saw UFOs once more. This time, however, the UFOs were coming up out of the ocean just several hundred yards offshore.

      “I saw seven to ten of them," said FX, then a university student.

      Luli, sitting on the passenger side and looking past FX’s head as he drove, thought there had been only five.

      “But when they came out of the water, it was like a mushroom1 with the water spilling out as the UFOs came out,” she said.

      “Then we noticed a big black one just ahead of us. It must have been at least a hundred meters across with a dome on top. We could see it because it was blacker than the sky.

      “Then," Luli said, "off to the right over a mountain we saw a huge lighted, rectangular UFO. (FX) thought it was just a big house all lighted up at first, but it wasn't. It was enormous, more than three hundred meters long, sitting above the mountain. I felt good about this one and the big black one but not the small ones."


       (These three sketches, provided by Irene Granchi, are FX's drawing of what he called the mother ship, then Luli's version of the "house" and, finally, FX's sketch of the "house.")2



      Suddenly the car began shaking violently and FX thought all four tires had blown out at the same time. He stopped and checked but they were all right.

       “I had trouble controlling the car,” said FX when I interviewed him later. "We zigzagged across the road but I couldn’t make much speed. Then the car doors started banging open and shut, even though they were locked.”

      Then they came to a fateful curve in the road where things turned ugly. “These two small ones (UFOs) came down toward us on my side, shining a big light at us,” said FX. “I was panicking. We were both very frightened. Luli wanted me to stop so we could hide under the car but I didn’t want to.”

      Neither remembered what happened after that. The next thing either remembers is finding themselves, seemingly only seconds later, hurtling down the highway and shooting through an intersection at high speed. FX slammed on the brakes.

      "(FX) wanted to go to the police but I wanted to get a cup of coffee," said Luli. So they drove on and about six miles down the highway they found a gas station and restaurant, but the restaurant had closed some time earlier. They were surprised to learn it was about two o'clock in the morning. Luli thought it should have been only about eleven-thirty at the latest.

      They talked briefly with a night watchman but, shaken and not knowing what had happened to them, they drove on home to Rio.

      That’s all that anyone knew about the incident at that time. I [Bob Pratt] soon heard about it from Irene Granchi, who lives in Rio and was the original Brazilian investigator in the case. This happened on the night of October 15, 1979, and a few weeks later I flew to South America to look into that incident and nine or ten other UFO cases in Brazil and Argentina.

      I arrived in Rio on January 8 and that evening talked with Luli and FX in an interview that Irene had arranged. What I learned was basically the same story that I’ve reported so far.

      The next morning, on the ninth, Irene, Luli and I took a taxi to a dock on Guanabara Bay, where we boarded a hydrofoil boat to cross the bay to Niterói. Once there, we rented a car with a driver and drove to the Ponta Negra area.




      Over the next two hours or so, Luli showed us where she and FX had seen the UFOs, telling her story of that night once again. Then we drove to the restaurant where she had tried to get coffee that night.

      In a stroke of luck, we were able to find Luís Franca, the night watchman who was on duty the night of October 15. Franca, then fifty-eight, recognized Luli immediately and remembered seeing her and FX drive up that night.

      "The boy was panicked and she was trying to calm him down," Luís Franca said. "They told me what happened to them. The curve where they had their trouble is where others have had trouble. The same thing happens there to all the cars that pass here in the early hours of the morning.

       “A friend of mine, Reinaldo, said his car was chased by a UFO at that same curve and his car started shaking. He had to pull over to the side of the road.

       “People see UFOs around here. I have seen UFOs twice since then, one a few days later. It was a large red one with a blue wheel around it. It was like a large cake and it was a good height. It was a beautiful color.

       “The other was tall and rectangular. I could see three people in it. I was afraid I was going to be taken up in it.”

      Early that afternoon we returned to Niterói and went to the home of Dr. Silvio Lago, the same physician who had worked with me on the first Crab Island case. Dr. Lago, a retired physician and former medical professor, had used hypnosis throughout his forty-three-year career.

      Luli had agreed to undergo hypnosis in the hope of learning what had happened that night. Dr. Lago had her lie down on a couch in a small, darkened room as he, Irene and I sat on chairs next to the couch.

      The session was conducted in Portuguese. Luli speaks English but Dr. Lago didn't, and Irene interpreted for me. Soon after he began talking to Luli, she went into a trance.




      Luli began describing her experience. “Suddenly we’re no longer on the mountain road but going along the shore…” she said. “Then I started seeing one, two, three lights twinkling… coming closer and then back and forth and then a big one forward…

       “The car started jumping like a goat. (FX) said, ‘Goodness me, the tires must have burst at the same time and here we are in the wild.’ I told him to get out and look at the tires. They were perfect.”

      Moments later she said they were back on the mountain road again. “Then a black beautiful disc came… I’m inside the big flying saucer. It is transparent like glass but this isn’t glass… The big UFO, there are no people about. We are being directed by the three small ones (UFOs). The big one is being maneuvered by the small ones, who are casting out a strong light.

       “Now I can see the two above us. I’m feeling sick, nauseated. Our car is grabbed by the top! It is being held by them! The light from the small ones is holding us, the light clasps the car. We’re prisoners! We’re shouting but we’re not going along the ground. We’re being held prisoners by this light. It’s horrible!”

      Luli began crying. “They’re pulling us! We have entered the black disc from the bottom. We’re inside this black thing.”


      Dr. Lago: Is there any light?


      Luli, still crying: “It’s like an operating room but we’re no longer in the car. The car is inside the UFO but we’re outside the car.”


      Dr. Lago: Is it pleasant? 


      Luli, crying again: “They put a tube in my ear, tubes everywhere. They’re pulling my hair!”


      Dr. Lago: Who are they?


      Luli: “They look like rats!”


      Dr. Lago: How large are they?


      Luli: “Horrible!”


      Dr. Lago: How large?


      Luli: “Their ears are like those of rats. Huge, horrible ears.”


      Dr. Lago: What are their mouths like?


      Luli: “It’s a slit. No teeth. They are filthy.”


      Dr. Lago: Do they have two legs?


      Luli: “They are standing on their feet, like ducks’ feet, webbed. They are touching me all over.”


      Dr. Lago: Do they have fingers?


      Luli: “I don’t know if they are fingers.” She begins crying again. “Very thin arms!” She lets out a terrifying cry.


      Dr. Lago: How tall are they?


      Luli: “About the size of a child thirteen. It’s because they look like rats. A thin face. Like the head of a rat. There is no shape to their necks."


      Dr. Lago: How many of them are there?


      Luli: “Five. The skin is sticky and gray. No clothes, as if they are animals. Perhaps it isn’t their skin. It could be something covering them… Their faces are so artificial it could be masks. It could be an oxygen mask but I don’t see any tubes on them. They put (FX) on a table and he looks as if he were dead. He looks dead, totally dead on a table. It’s like marble but it isn’t marble… It’s with rays of light, what they’re messing about on my head is with rays of light, flashes of light.”


      Dr. Lago: Do you see any apparatuses around?


      Luli: “I can see the tubes but they’re not messing about with these tubes. Lights come out of these tubes.”


      Dr. Lago: Is there an instrument panel?


      Luli: “Yes.”


      Dr. Lago: What is it like?


      Luli: “Like panels on large planes but with none of the clocks, only buttons.”


      Dr. Lago: Is there an operator?


      Luli: “At the moment, no… I don’t understand how I can see the panel because it is black. It is all black.”


      Dr. Lago: Where is FX?


      Luli: “They are with me. They left him alone. He’s dead white and he’s naked. Now they’re interfering with my ears, my nose. I’m sitting. They made me put my head down and they touched my buttocks. They messed with everything, like a gynecological exam but most of all they messed with my ears. They put something in my ears with a ray…”


      Dr. Lago: What does it smell like?


      Luli: “Sulfur, and it’s bothering me. It troubles me a lot and I don’t like it. I feel a lack of air. I can’t breathe…”


      Dr. Lago: What is the temperature like?


      Luli: “Normal, neither warm nor cold.”


      Dr. Lago: Are they talking to you?


      Luli: “They only look at me. They look among themselves."


      Dr. Lago: How do they communicate?


      Luli: “With their heads. They look at each other and things go working. One looks at the other and the other puts a finger on my ear or nose. They understand each other by this.”


      Dr. Lago: About your throat, did they open your mouth?


      Luli: “They did, but they put something into my throat but this didn’t trouble me much but it was my left ear that they most — I don’t know what they did to my left ear…”


      Dr. Lago: Is there light around you?


      Luli: “The panel was black, the rest was like phosphorescent light… (FX) is not even breathing. Now they’re examining (FX)’s head and they shined a ray of light on his head, on the crown of his head with the same ray they used on me… I can see lines going up and down on metal, like aluminum, like an electrocardiogram, but no needle. It seems like the rays themselves that they are putting on (FX) are making the lines go as if it were a cardiogram. I’m watching this being done to (FX). They did the same to me. I didn’t see this when they did it to me, only when they did it to him.”


      Dr. Lago: What else did they do to FX?


      Luli: “He’s lying there naked.”


      Dr. Lago: Did they manipulate his sex organs?


      Luli: “Yes, but not in the beginning, after touching his head.”


      Dr. Lago: What are they looking at?


      Luli: “He had sex with one of the men there. The man was on top of him, the being. I can see that these men are not men. They’re images. You cannot see their sex, examining, as if you saw a young girl naked, where there’s nothing yet. I couldn’t tell if they were men but I feel they are. But the being they put on top of (FX) is not a man.”


      Dr. Lago: Could it be a puppet or something?


      Luli: “It’s one of them! One of them lay on top of (FX). They’ve done this with others before. (FX) is not the first one. I feel this in my head. I’m getting this in my head. I’m getting this message. He must be the fifteenth.”


      Dr. Lago: What is the purpose of this?


      Luli: “It is not for satisfaction. It is for research. Everything is done for research… This is a terrible nightmare.”


      Dr. Lago: Is this very real to you?


      Luli: There is no reality but it happened, which is even worse. It is irreality but it happened… They are very interested in him because he is a young man. With me they only touched me some but they are not at all interested. They want to send me back. I don’t interest them. The boy was nearly kept there for good.”


      Dr. Lago: Did they say that or did you just understand that?


      Luli: “I felt this, that they wanted to keep him longer… We stayed there two hours...”


      A little later Dr. Lago asked: Why did you not remember this before?


      Luli: “They cut it from me as if I were an animal. God help me. God help me now.”


      Dr. Lago: Why wouldn’t they want you to remember?


      Luli: “When I asked the question, everything went black around me… I can’t see anymore… They are telling me that they make people forget because the memories are very violent and we are not prepared for such memories…”


      Moments later she began talking about one of the entities being nice to her.


      Luli: “He is being very good to me because he feels sorry for the people who are kidnapped for no reason at all.”


      Dr. Lago: Where do they come from?


      Luli: “Some from the Antarctic, from Patagonia… This is a very good man, this little rat talking to me. He said the South Pole ends and there is a tunnel that goes to join another tunnel underneath it, a tunnel inside the Antarctic. The ones (beings) I saw come from there. Others come from outside. Some are intraterrestrials, like these from the Antarctic. That’s why they come from the water, and they go into a tube and they enter another world under there, and they are from there. Others are extraterrestrials. This group is an evil group, but there is one good one among them.”


      Dr. Lago: Why is he helping you? Why is he good?


      Luli: “He said he belonged to another group and he was abducted by the evil ones and he feels sorry for the victims.”


      A moment later she said: “Now they’re taking blood out of (FX)’s brain through a tube and the blood is circulating in the tube… I’m not afraid anymore… and the blood is going back by the same tube somehow. When the blood returns to his arms, then he is examined there. It is a very strange thing.”


      A little later she said: “All of a sudden I find myself dressed again. I don’t know how I got dressed again. We are being put back into the car and the car is still inside the UFO and (FX) is put in the driver’s side but he looks dead. He has no reaction.

       “Now we’re no longer in the UFO. I don't know where we are. Now we’re on the road again. Just as we touch the road, (FX) is awake and alert again and we are driving through the intersection.”




      The session soon ended and Dr. Lago brought Luli out of the trance.

      "I am very impressed by her report,” he said. “I feel it is sincere and she is telling the truth. The clear impression I got was that she tried to re-transmit her own experience.

       “There is no doubt in my mind that she was not lying. She was telling the truth as she re-lived it, as she experienced it. It is absolutely not a case of her inventing something. It was absolutely sincere.”

      Dr. Lago once taught psychotherapy and medical hypnosis and had long been interested in the paranormal.

       “What I find surprising in these captures or abductions,” he said, referring to the examinations of Luli and FX aboard the UFO, “is that the tests that are made reveal a certain degree of imprecision and are rather elementary, apparently showing a certain innocence or naivety on the part of the outside researchers, the beings on the UFOs.

       “They could be a little backward too. Whoever knows technology well may not know anything about the human being… Most of the UFO phenomena seem to be coated with a certain naiveness on the part of the UFO beings. These experiences seem to be repeated everywhere.”

      Dr. Lago was a pianist himself, and at our request after we had lunch, he sat down at his piano and played a classical piece for us. He has since died.

      Luli had several UFO sightings in the following years but no encounters and nothing like what happened the night of October 15, 1979. She suffered serious injuries in an auto accident some years later but recovered.

      I have been told that Luli no longer wants to talk about UFOs. I don’t know what became of FX.

(For a guide to pronouncing unfamiliar Brazilian names, click here.)


Reference for the above text is: Website: The Unreal World of UFOs by Bob Pratt and hosted by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network):http://www.mufon.com/bob_pratt/index.html

Case is on: http://www.mufon.com/bob_pratt/luli.html


Note 1: You can read about the UFO’s field in my book, UFOs and Water, starting on page 42. Included there are examples of this uplifting of water as the UFO emerges.


Note 2: I have removed the sketches, which I found unnecessary to the story. However, the UFOs are shown with a flat top and bottom so that the “mushroom” effect had nothing to do with their shape.


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Atlantic coast north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Saquarema        Latitude 22-56-00 S, Longitude 042-30-00 W (D-M-S) [populated place]

Rio de Janeiro    Latitude 22-54-00 S, Longitude 043-14-00 W [seat of a first-order admin. div.]

Niterói                Latitude 22-54-08 S, Longitude 043-07-49 W [populated place]

Ponta Negra       Latitude 23-21-00 S, Longitude 044-36-00 W [point]

Guanabara Bay  Latitude 22-50-33 S, Longitude 043-12-01 W [bay]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


Guanabara Bay bridge    Latitude 22-52-16.37 S, Longitude 43-09-12.26 W (D-M-S)

Connecting Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, the official name of this bridge is the President Costa e Silva Bridge, though it is more commonly referred to as the Rio-Niterói Bridge.
Reference:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio%E2%80%93Niter%C3%B3i_Bridge       

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