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04-??-2002                MISSING WATER


NOTE: To date, I have no cases in my files where a UFO has been seen drawing water from a water tower, water tank or swimming pool. It would be speculative to suggest that a UFO drew water from these storage areas when no UFO was seen in the vicinity, and even when a UFO was seen, it would not necessarily imply that it was responsible for the loss of the water. However, given the rapid emptying of these large storage facilities, it is still worth recording these cases for possible future file use. (CF)


   …But in April 2002, cattlemen from the town of Salliqueló told reporter Rodolfo Borrego that several thousand liters of water had vanished from their tanques australianos — large open water towers seen in farms throughout Argentina — without the slightest evidence of spillage. A third case had occurred during the mutilation wave. No damage to the tanks was found upon investigation, and any evidence of puddles or waterlogged terrain was absence [sic-absent]. “No water was lost — someone came and took water from the place,” noted the journalist.


The village of La Adela, which at the time had the dubious honor of being the location most affected by the cattle mutilation epidemic, had also reported missing water from its water towers. This was perhaps the more mind-bending anomaly to the local ranchers, as the magnitude of the water held in these containers was between twenty and thirty-five thousand liters (5300 and 9300 US gallons respectively) — oceans of water that would have taken a number of tanker trucks to empty and cart away, and the average tanker truck has a three thousand gallon capacity. In any case, there were few vehicles of this size [were-unnecessary repetition] to be found in these rural areas.


Nor was the town of Balcarce overlooked by the strange water thieves during this time period. A report from Proyecto Condor (www.ovni.org.ar): Two water tanks were relieved of their contents and refilled after a detailed inspection. The report states: “From that moment onward, nothing unusual was reported again, with both [ranchers] jokingly stating that the same thing was happening to the tanks as was occurring with the mutilated cows.”


Reference for the above text is: Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, “The Missing Water Enigma” by Scott Corrales, IHU (Institute of Hispanic Ufology), © 2011. Posted January 17, 2011, and retrieved March 1, 2012.

See: http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2011/01/missing-water-enigma.html




South America – Argentina, Buenos Aires

Salliqueló   Latitude 36-45-08 S, Longitude 062-57-38 W (D-M-S) [populated place]

La Adela     Latitude 38-53-00 S, Longitude 059-42-00 W [house(s)]

Balcarce     Latitude 37-50-46 S, Longitude 058-15-19 W [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/



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