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    The Navy oiler, USS Chipola was returning to the USA from the Persian Gulf. An official log entry revealed a sighting on the 6th of September 1947. At 2140 "unidentified luminous phenomena" were seen at 10 degrees above the horizon at an estimated range of less than 5 miles. Two groups of eight bluish, oval-shaped objects were seen moving at about 5 knots in speed. They banked away for [sic-before or from?] the ship disappearing in about 8 second[s]. They were observed by the Deck Officer, LTJG R. L. Simmons, and also by Ensign J. B. Farris and CM3 J. A. Wisnienski.

Log of the U.S. Navy ship USS Chipola, 6th September, National Archives II, College Park, Maryland.


Reference for the above text is: Newspaper: Astorian-Budget, 4 Nov. [1947 assumed], Astoria, Oregon.

With thanks to Jan Aldrich for forwarding the copy from his Project 1947 Research Notes. Page number unknown.


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