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Destroyer Tracks Unidentified ‘Object’ Off Southern Coast


SAN DIEGO, Nov. 10.—UP—The United States destroyer Blue search[ed] the Pacific Ocean off Southern California with radar today, trying to track down a mysterious “unidentified object.

   A Navy report said the Blue picked the “object” up on its radar screen and was maintaining the contact.

   The Blue, based in San Diego, had the object in its radar screen and was trying to close with it to identify it.

   Announcement of the search was made at Washington after San Diego authorities forwarded a report to the Navy Department there.

Sub Not Mentioned

   The announcement made no mention of a submarine and gave no details of when or where contact with the object was made.

   “The 11th Naval District has no additional information to add to the Washington report,” said Captain E. Robert Anderson, district public information officer.

   Several times in the past year reports were made of “foreign” submarines operating along the Pacific Coast. The Navy, however, announced after investigation the reports were unreliable or involved U.S. undersea craft.

   Early in 1950, unidentified submarines were reported off the Northern California coast near Eureka and another near Morro Bay off Central California.

   Faced by nine separate reports by fishermen, Coast Guard stations and Coast Guard patrol planes, the Navy sent the USS Colahan on a five-day search in April to track down the submarines.

   No subs were sighted in a search of the Eureka coastal area, but several contacts were made—enough to make two officers on the ship advance the theory that a fleet of high-speed undersea craft was operating in the area.

Could Be Russians

   One Navy official said he believed the unidentified subs could be Russian craft on “peacetime maneuvers.” He emphasized they would be within their rights if they stayed outside the three-mile limit.

   About the same time as the Colahan search, two Coast Guard stations in Southern California reported a submarine “positively not one of ours.” Numerous patrols were flown but no contact was made.


Reference for the above text is: News clip from the Modesto (California) Bee, dated November 10, 1950.

My thanks to Jan Aldrich for forwarding this to me. -CF-



UFOCAT URN – NONE News clip from the Modesto (California) Bee, dated Nov. 10, 1950


North America – United States, California. Body of water is the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego    Latitude 32-42-55 N, Longitude 117-09-26 W (D-M-S) [populated place – San Diego County]

Eureka          Latitude 40-48-07 N, Longitude 124-09-49 W [populated place – Humboldt County]

Morro Bay     Latitude 35-20-16 N, Longitude 120-51-05 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399










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