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By Idabel Epperson

(MUFON Director for Southern California)


     All was quiet and peaceful in the Semaza household (City of Orange, Orange County, California) at 3:30 AM Saturday morning, February 4, 1978. But that serenity was soon to be replaced by a general commotion and downright frenzy on the part of "Susie," the family pet — a gentle little dog that had given birth to her first litter of puppies two days earlier.


     Sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 AM, a weird humming sound awakened Mrs. Claire Semaza, her 14-year-old daughter, Donna, and 11-year-old son, Eric. A neighbor, Mrs. Dorothy Pascl, also was awakened by the humming sound which continued to increase in volume until Mrs. Semaza said that it hurt her ears. Susie's whimpering developed into frantic howls and barks, which ceased periodically for a few seconds while she stared at the wall with an expression that baffled the members of the family. Susie continued this behavior for 30 minutes.

     In the meantime Mrs. Semaza and her son and daughter were curious as to what was causing the loud humming sound — which Mrs. Semaza described as sounding as if a "mob of people were humming." Donna thought about recording the weird sound but couldn't find the tape recorder in all the excitement. It was probably just as well; Susie's wailing would, no doubt, have drowned it out.

     When they looked out the window facing south and east they saw an object oval in outline. It seemed to be not far above the trees and not more than a half mile away. (She thought it could have been two blocks.) In one area the sky above glowed with a pinkish color and a little distance away, above it to the left, was a hot, clear red color. Below and around the object was a layer of haze or "smoke," gray in color. The object seemed to be hovering but soon started rising very slowly leaving the smoke layer behind. (Shades of the Rex Heflin UFO and the smoke ring it left behind!) The object had a bright red light at each end which sent shafts of light toward the ground. There were several bluish white lights strung horizontally between the two red lights. The object rose higher, flashed a brilliant white light on and off for approximately three seconds, then quickly disappeared.


     We have not gone into details here about the three witnesses; they were excellent witnesses who studied the mysterious object, remembered what they saw, and reported everything carefully and fully. The unique part of this story has to do with a gentle little dog called "Susie" and her reaction to the presence of a UFO. We also thank the humans in her family for observing Susie's problem — and how she solved it.

     Susie made her anguish known clear and loud. It seems apparent that when Susie realized that her humans were not going to solve her problem that she had better do it herself. There she was with seven puppies to protect, and she must have felt that extreme danger threatened. The cozy box that she and the puppies occupied was on the ground floor. She carried a puppy upstairs and tried to hide it in a couple of places — the last place she tried was under the bed — but that didn't satisfy her. She took the puppy out from under the bed and hid it behind the drapes. This was the right place, she thought, so she carried the rest of her puppies one by one upstairs and hid them all behind the drapes.

     Can anyone top this for animal reaction to UFOs?

     Recently Bob Kirkpatrick called on Mr. and Mrs. Semaza for the purpose of taking photographs of Susie and her puppies. Susie was very friendly and seemed even pleased and proud for the attention her puppies were getting. Bob told me, "Susie has personality!"


Reference for the above text is:MUFON UFO Journal, #122, January 1978, p. 7. On-site investigation. Date unknown.

Note: The Journal is the January issue, but the case took place on February 04. The reason for this date discrepancy is that there was a change of editors in January and the January issue would have actually been published in February.


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North America – United States, California, Orange County

Orange   Latitude 33-48-18 N, Longitude 117-49-22 W (D-M-S) [Civil]

Orange   Latitude 33-47-16 N, Longitude 117-51-11 W (D-M-S) [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399




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