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       A somewhat similar report was given to me by an Indianapolis computer expert who had served in the U.S. Air Force. He had been a sergeant in charge of a fire truck crash crew at an air base on the west coast of South Korea overlooking the China Sea. Late one night in 1958, two American jet fighters flying in from Japan to another base in Korea requested permission to make an emergency landing because one of the planes was low on fuel. As is normal in such emergencies, the fire truck and its crash crew were positioned near the runway in case the plane ran into difficulty.

       As the men waited for the planes to arrive, they saw a bright light approaching from across the China Sea. The light grew bigger and bigger and, when it got within several hundred yards of the shore, it stopped and hovered a few hundred feet above the water. The sergeant radioed the control tower and asked what it was. The controllers didn't know. They were examining the light through binoculars but couldn't determine anything.

       Suddenly, the object shined a beam of light straight down on the water. A short time later the light went off, but the water remained luminescent for a while before fading out. The object again shined a light down on the water and turned it off again a minute or so later. Once again, the water remained luminescent for several minutes.

       By this time the jet fighter that was low on fuel was landing, and the control tower asked the pilot of the second plane to check out the light, which was still sitting in the same spot. The pilot of the second jet circled around, and as he approached the object, it instantly shot back toward China and disappeared in seconds.                                                                                       

This reference: UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt, p. 247-248, © 1996  



UFOCAT PRN – 030804 [DOS: 03-08-1958]

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UFOCAT PRN – 182143 [DOS: 03-08-1958]

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UFOCAT URN – 182143 UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan, 410-226, © 2002

            UFOCAT text: USAF radar tracked slowly-descending UFO     

Eastern Asia - Korea

Note: I have found three Air Force bases on the west coast of South Korea. However, all three face the Yellow Sea, and I cannot locate a “China Sea” except on the south coast, called the “South China Sea.” The east coast is bounded by the Sea of Japan. The bases are Kunsan (near Chŏnju), Osan, and Kimp’o, all near Seoul.-CF- 


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