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Location: Caspian Sea, Russia

Date: 1976       Time: unknown


A man named D. Shabalin was reportedly abducted by tall humanoid-looking aliens, more than 2 meters in height, and dressed in shiny tight-fitting metallic suits who claimed they came from the constellation of Cassiopeia. He was taken onboard a bizarre-looking UFO which was shaped like 3 interconnected dumbbells. Inside a circular cabin Shabalin was placed in a chair and immobilized. He was able to observe how the craft plunged or submerge[d] into the water and appear[ed] under the surface of the Caspian. The craft soon entered a sort of artificial habitat, deep under the surface of the water. The aliens were silent during the flight, evidently occupied by their operating the control panels during the flight. After landing the aliens communicated telepathically with Shabalin. Shabalin was able to remember the following info given to him by the Cassiopeians: “You are in the hands of those whom earthlings call the source of ‘dark forces’; on the bottom of this earthly ocean is located one of our 6 research centers.” Shabalin understood that the “earthly ocean” was indeed the Caspian Sea near the location where he was abducted (not stated). Apparently their other research centers are located underground or below the surface of the earth[’s] oceans. Later when Shabalin was returned back, he realized that many details of his extraordinary experience with the aliens was [sic-were] erased from his memory, so he remembered only what he was allowed to remember.


HC addendum

Source: Vladimir G. Azhazha, PhD, “Underwater UFOs,” Moscow, 2008       Type: G


Reference for the above text is: Humanoid Reports 1976 by Albert Rosales, #2.



UFOCAT URN – NONE   Humanoid Reports 1976 by Albert Rosales, #2


Caspian Sea near Russia




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