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Location: Bahia del Mariel, La Habana, Cuba

Date: summer 1989       Time: 05:45 a.m.


The witness was doing some underwater spear fishing near an old thermo-electrical installation and was almost 30 ft. below the waters when he noticed what appeared to be a large disc-shaped object on the bottom of the ocean. The object was at least 50 feet in width and he had never seen it before and first thought that it was somehow a large “bowl” that somebody had dumped in the water as an artificial reef. But the object appeared brand new and was a light green or blue color, with a “camouflage” type design on it. He decided to approach the object and when he was at about 10 meters from it, he suddenly felt a sudden painful electrical current throughout his body. Terrified, he covered his face and began furiously swimming back to the surface. As he did, he saw the object slowly disappear into the deep water without making any sound. He remembers that when he was close to the object, he saw a strange design on it, something resembling XL-2345, but he could not be sure of the numbers. He reached the surface feeling more worried than scared, and his eyes and his ears were hurting. The next day he woke almost blinded, with only 10% of peripheral vision in both eyes. He was taken to a local emergency room and was later seen by a visiting Russian doctor who told the witness that he had suffered what appeared to be “microwave damage” to his eyes, something similar to Russian radar operators after long exposure to the equipment. He rested and drank liquid for 10 days and his vision returned to normal.


HC addendum

Source: http://secretoscuba.cultureforum.net/           Type: X

Translation by Albert Rosales


Reference for the above text is:Humanoid Reports 1989 by Albert Rosales, #XX.



UFOCAT URN – Humanoid Reports 1989 by Albert Rosales, #XX


Central America – Cuba, Artemisa

Bahía del Mariel   Latitude 22-59-31 N, Longitude 082-46-00 W (D-M-S) [bay]

La Habana          Latitude 23-07-55 N, Longitude 082-21-51 W [capital of a political entity] (Havana)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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