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Location: Ancud, Chile

Date: summer 1956                            Time: late evening


The main witness, Elena Vera Guerrero, a young girl at the time, remembers that during the afternoon a dense “fog” or mist seemed to form in a certain section of the waters, while the rest remained calm and clear. Later that evening Elena and her family saw a round object with multicolored lights that appeared within the mist-covered area. It floated on the water and headed towards the shore. At the same time a strange eerie music could be heard coming from the ocean. Elena’s parents became concerned due to the strange nature of the event and ordered all their children, including Elena, to their beds and under the covers. However, Elena Vera Guerrero was the only one that disobeyed her parents and was able to see as she looked out the window the strange object arrive on the shore and seven very tall, pale men, wearing shiny golden outfits, approach the house in single file and then stand, each one on every corner. Three of the men, perhaps including their leader, approached the door; at the same time a loud whistling sound could be heard. Terrified, Elena’s father went to the door and asked the strangers what they needed. The men told her father that they needed water and provisions and would like to have “a warm dinner” in his home, and all of this would be greatly rewarded. However, for some reason that Elena could not fathom, her father refused the offer and told the men that he would prefer to remain poor than to accept their proposal, however, before they left he gave them a can with sugared water. To this day Elena wonders why the strange men or “mariners” did not take any action against her father.


HC addendum

Source: Antonio Cárdenas Tabies, Pacífico Sur                                     Type: C?


Reference for the above text is:Humanoid Reports 1956 by Albert Rosales, #46.



UFOCAT URN     None   Humanoid Reports 1956 by Albert Rosales, #46


South America – Chile, Los Lagos. Body of water is the Pacific Ocean.

Ancud   Latitude 41-50-34 S, Longitude 073-49-55 W (D-M-S) [bay]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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