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Location: Längelmävesi, Kangasala, Finland

Date: late August 1945        Time: before 0500A


   Ilona Johansson Passonen was staying at a sauna situated by the shore of Längelmävesi. Her friend, Mrs. K., was away on a trip. She had awakened some time before five in the morning and was lying with her head turned away from the window when she noticed, all around the room, as [sic-a] stream of light under the edge of the roof. She thought someone was walking in front of the sauna with a torch (flashlight) in hand and looking in through the window. As the curtains were drawn, she did not know, before looking at her watch, that it was already morning. Very seldom was there anyone on the move so early, and, being alone, she was somewhat afraid, for the nearest dwelling was one kilometer from the sauna.

   However curiosity overcame nervousness, she was puzzled about the light, and she raised the curtain. There seemed no limit to her astonishment and she received a great shock.

   From the Sahalahti shore, which lies at approximately 4 kilometers distance from the shore where the sauna is situated, a dazzling ball of fire, as bright as the sun, and about 10 meters in diameter, was approaching the sauna at a great speed. Overcome by fear, she threw herself down on the floor, on her back, to wait for the “end,” for she was sure that if that ball of fire maintained its course it would sweep the sauna to the ground. Rushing over the surface of the lake, the ball, when she first saw it, could surely have been no more than 200 to 300 meters from the sauna, for already it was obliterating everything from view, including the small islands.

   Puzzled and vastly relieved when the expected crash did not happen, she stood up after a few minutes to take another look at the phenomenon, but by then the ball of fire had disappeared. The beautiful scenery was visible once again, but she was surprised to see that at about 300 meters distance a dark log-like object, about two meters in length, was slowly gliding through the water and approaching the shore. By that time her fear had left her, but she was still very surprised. She then noticed, just below the level of the window and about two meters from the pier, a strange looking gray animal which seemed to be in the grip of terror. It appeared to be standing on its claws. Suddenly it turned its head to one side and she saw sharp teeth grinning in an open mouth. The animal looked just like a round ball with all the hair standing on end. She presumed it was the neighbor’s large Lapp dog.

   When the “log” had come closer to the pier, she saw that it was a narrow boat resembling a canoe. A tall man of slender build was standing in the prow. He was wearing a greenish colored coverall. When the “boat” was just in front of the pier, it swung around to the left, so she could see that in its aft another man was “steering” an engine which was inside a big glass bulb. She took a look at the dog and saw that it no longer seemed frightened, and was running away. She heard neither any whirring of a motor, nor splashing of billows, but she observed quite a deep wake in the water. Feeling extremely weak, she returned to bed, and so failed to observe what happened to the “boat.”


Humcat 1945-1

Source: FSR Case Histories, # 13                                                          Type: A


Reference for the above text is: Humanoid Reports 1945 by Albert Rosales, #36.


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Europe – Finland, Pirkanmaa

Längelmävesi   Latitude 61-32-00 N, Longitude 024-22-00 E (D-M-S) [lake]

Kangasala        Latitude 61-28-00 N, Longitude 024-05-00 E [populated place]

Sahalahti         Latitude 61-28-00 N, Longitude 024-19-00 E [populated place]   

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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