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Tacoma, Washington

Fall 1991


Tacoma, Washington Black Rectangular Oddity


Date: Fall of 1991

Time: Afternoon


Location of Sighting: 1 mile SSW of the southwest end of Hoods Canal in Puget Sound.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Rectangle


Full Description of event/sighting: While sailing on Puget Sound, near the south end of Hoods Canal, I sighted an unusual black rectangle located due south of my location. I was under full sail in my 21' San Juan racing hull, and was very attuned to my surroundings, especially since I was sailing solo. I luffed up my boat (slowed it down) and watched the odd-looking object in the water, about 200 yards away from me.


I'd estimate its length to be 90 to 100 feet long and 2 1/2 feet tall. It was, I can only best describe it, an 'intense' black color and did not appear to bob around on the water. This struck me as very odd, since there was about a 3-foot 'chop' in the waters, with a few whitecaps showing, wind at around 14 M.P.H., gusting to 25 M.P.H.


It was cloudy with a few sun-breaks here and there, one of which 'illuminated' the area where this strange thing was located. I could see no reflections from seawater on its hull, meaning that the black rectangle appeared to be dry. It remained stationary, had no wake or waves splashing on it and had no conning tower, fins, protuberances, lights, etc.


If there were any sound(s) produced from this craft, I did not hear any thru the hull of the sailboat or in the air (the wind and waves were the only sounds I could hear).


I watched the object for 1 minute and 15 seconds, and then decided to quickly go below deck and get my binoculars. This action took less than 10 seconds, but, to my dismay, the object was nowhere to be seen when I emerged. I spent about 15 minutes looking for it, sighting nothing unusual.


I've seen many odd things while at sea, but never anything quite like the above. I have no idea what it was, other than the fact that it was not an animal or any known (to me) submarine craft. There were no other boats in the immediate vicinity—the closest was about 3-4 miles away, so I'm the only one I know to have seen this black rectangular oddity.


Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director

HBCC UFO Research


Reference for the above text is: Website: UFOINFO.com:





North America – Washington

Tacoma          Latitude 47-15-10 N, Longitude 122-26-39 W (D-M-S) [populated place]

Hood Canal    Latitude 47-33-51 N, Longitude 122-59-49 W (D-M-S) [bay - Mason County]

Puget Sound  Latitude 47-49-59 N, Longitude 122-26-04 W [bay]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399

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