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10 May 1992 03:20

Ledge Point, Western Australia, Australia


Glowing cloud with three lights flies to the northwest over ocean extremely fast. Water frozen.


Objects were observed. Traces found. More than one luminous cloud-like object was observed on the shore for over one minute.

Reference: Hatch, Larry, *U* computer database Author, Redwood City, 2002


Reference for the above text is: Website: Ufodna.com:



UFOCAT PRN - 170271

UFOCAT URN – 170271 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 15732, © 2002


Australia – Western Australia. Body of water is the Indian Ocean.

Note: The U.S. Government website gives 7 locations in Western Australia for Ledge Point. UFOCAT gives the location as -31.10, -115.33 which converts to 31-06-00, 115-19-48. The following is the closest to those figures from the government’s site:

Ledge Point   Latitude 31-08-00 S, Longitude 115-22-00 E (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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